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Pierce would shorten the season, raise the rims

Pierce pointing

Paul Pierce continues his blogging for Boston.com with a piece today on what he'd do if he ran the NBA… and the world.  In addition to dumping the age limit… here's what he'd change about the L:

  1. Shorten the season to 60 games: Every year somebody gets hurt. That's a combination of wear and tear in preseason games and regular season games.
  2. Raise the rim 3 inches: The
    athletes today are crazy. You see the way guys are jumping these days.
    I would raise the rim 3 inches. Then, you have to learn the art of the
    jump shot. You'll have to know how to play this game a little bit
    better then. Raising the rim, you'll see increasing play. You'll see
    increasing fundamentals. I'm telling you.

Since we all know that there's no way advertisers would allow 22 games to be cut from the season… let's focus on the "raise the rim" argument… which is interesting.  How do you do it without destroying an entire year's worth of shooting (or more)?  Do you do it incrementally, like a half inch per year?  Or do you just do it and let everyone get used to it?  And did Paul check with a shooter like Ray Allen before coming up with this?

Personally, I'm a big advocate of widening the court.  I feel like now, more than ever, we're seeing guys step out of bounds on the sidelines.  It's crowded out there.  And the court dimensions were laid out where everyone was much smaller… both in height and in mass.  Look at the size of everyone.  Almost everyone out there looks like a freakin' bodybuilder.  Even Pierce, who isn't winning any pose-downs, is a wide-shouldered 6'7", 235 wing player.  That's a big dude right there.  Widen the court and let these guys have a little more room to maneuver before you go hiking the rim up at all.

By the way… follow the link to find out what Pierce would do if he ruled the world (very cool thing for our troops) and what he'd change about himself.

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  • He’s right about the rim making fundamentals and everything better, players couldn’t rely on sheer athleticism. But they would never do it, and I would never do it. It would change to much of history too. It would be similiar to making a hockey net wider.

  • Ronzo

    No, MFerg 24, it would be like shrinking a hockey net.

  • Danno

    In case you missed the subtlety of his comment, that rim raising idea was (at least in my mind) a direct shot across Lebron James’ bough.

  • The Truth is Here

    I agree with the concept of the idea of raising the rim. It would increase the necessity of fundamentals,and a pretty stroke and you might have a bit more of the beauty of the game show. I don’t know about the practicality of the whole thing, but I really like the concept behind it.

  • elmer

    Ha ha ha…. raise it 3 inches and dwight howard will be jobless the next day…

  • fred

    His (Peirce) ideas are solid, 11ft rim rather than 10’3″would definitely promote fundamentals,age – your either good enough or not,dont know if 60 games would be optimum number but they play to many now-they are totally beat up by the playoffs. Too bad common sense rarely prevails.

  • Bingo Gringo

    Just call “palming” and you would do away with 1/2 of the slashing that is presently happening.
    Remember the old days when you couldn’t palm the ball?????????? That single rule relaxation is what made basketball a game of slam dunks and fewer passes. If you can carry the basketball, you can lower your shoulder and get by a guy/gal. If you have to push the ball like the old days, then you must keep the ball in front of your movement,and thus give the defense a chance.

  • phils army

    whos the champs right now!!! going back to the 70s the lake show has won 10 title celtics have won 5. so dont worry c’s fans we are comin fo ya!!

  • I have NEVER watched a pro basketball game, no reason, just don’t like the game. I don’t see the point of it. If you’re shorter and a better player, it’s just not fair that the giants out there can just reach up and put it in the basket. I’ve never even heard this guy’s name before, but if the NBA listened to him and changed a few small things about the game, I just might have to watch and see how different the perspective would be if the game was a little more skill based.

  • I can’t see raising the rim. How many years would it take the whole game, all the way from the highschool level, through colleges, to make that adjustment. and how many great players would become average trying to make that adjustment. Even widening the court isn’t going to do any good. As it is now, most of thr 3 point shooters are shooting right at the line, so it isn’t going to spread things out unless you plan on moving the shot line out too. and if you do that, how many good outside shooters will you loose. Even if you did spread things out, all you’re going to do is make it easier for the big man in the middle to get that foul line 2 step dunk. I think all you need to do is outlaw the dunk. Force the big guys to use the bankboard.To touch the rim is a foul. and yes, inforce the palming rule. Let them set up the open man and not just force the ball into the center.

  • Jake

    Raising the rim WILL NOT increase the fundamentals of the game. Fundamentals are things you PRACTICE! Yes I’m talking about PRACTICE! The players now can’t shoot a 15 ft jumpshot into the 10 ft. rim, what do you think the shooting percentages will be if the rim was raised? Like the NFL, the NBA made it harder to play defense to increase scoring. The only thing it did was increase highlight dunks (mission accomplished). Shooting percentages are down from the pre 90’s era, team scoring averages are way down, yet the dimensions of the court are the same. Fundamentals are taught and practiced…not created.

  • chuck

    Seems to this old timer the basic idea of the game originally was to shoot the ball into the basket. Of course, this was back when a 6’7″ dude was a freak. Yeah, raise it above dunk level, but when you do, expect to raise it again in 5 years.

  • Joey G.

    I could only imagine how screwed up players shots would be if the rim was raised. You ever go over to a friends house and try to shoot baskets at a 8 foot rim? Believe me, your shots will be clanging and banging.

  • Joey G.

    That’s not fair, Dwight has a sweet baby hook.

  • don friedley

    i have a different thought why let anyone dunk basketballs when shorter players can’t dunk. dunking is really an ego show in the first place.

  • old school fan

    If the NBA enforced its rules regarding fundamentals (like traveling, for instance), we’d have better ball games. Bring on some refs from the NCAA to officiate for a couple of NBA games, and see what happens! It could be very interesting!

  • roundballer

    Don’t need to mess with height of rim to reduce the dunking by the big guys who can’t shoot even a foul shot…just put a 10 foot circle under the goal and if you shoot within the circle…you only get 1 point that would force more skilled shots and reduce the slop shot dunks…if they are running and can jump from outside the 10 foot circle and dunk…it would still be 2 points.

  • Edmond S

    Along these lines, what I would like to see is no dunking if the player leaves the floor from the paint with the ball in his hands.
    Alley-oop dunks, fine. Follow dunks, fine. Leave from the foul line or soar diagonally across the paint for a thunderous dunk, fine.
    But leave the floor from the paint with the
    ball in your hands, you’ll have to finish without a dunk. This would improve fundamentals by forcing players to develop a more well-rounded offensive
    Maybe some thunderous dunks are lost to the game; but ones still left will be even more appreciated.

  • gman

    What a joke!!! Raising the rim 3 inches is not going to change the game. Three inches in today’s game is nothing. Posterizing will be a thing of the past. If you want to increase fundamentals raise it a foot. However, in doing so the NBA will lose a lot more than it will gain.

  • Tom

    Raise the Rim! Teams rely too much on the “Great Big Man” – even though he can usually only DUNK. Is that Basketball?
    Raise the rim and let’s play basketball – I think it would bring a lot of fans back – like me. It’s boring right now with all the 3 point shots and the slam dunk (without even having to jump).
    TB – Dublin, CA

  • Stop the palming
    Stop the travelling
    Hmmmn, yeah, bring in the NCAA’s refs
    Raise the rim
    Raise it an inch a year until,,,

  • bill

    well this is what i think. leave the season as is. they made the 3 point line so why not do this raise the rim 11 ft would be fine. dunks would be only worth 1 point. you have 7 ft guys or better and 5 ft arms lol its a joke now. i would rather watch college women play they play for the love of the game. something pro’s have lost. its money now

  • mike

    Raising the rim would be a good thing, but so would enforcing/make the rule that if you hang on the rim you get a foul. No I am not saying it is okay for 2 seconds, if you hang you get a foul! Maybe even make it you can;t even touch the rim but then you couldn’t make a dunk either. I just think too many players are all about me, me, me and not about what got them to the NBA in the first place…their outstanding skills!

  • TBF

    It’s about time that a player in the NBA said what we’ve all been thinking for years. Today’s NBA is unwatchable. The true play doesn’t start until the second round of the playoffs. I think it’s an embarrassment that sub 500 teams are allowed to make the playoffs. Shortening the season would go a long way to improve the product Stern is selling. Having a 60 game season and reducing the number of playoff teams would make the season mean something. I would also shorten the playoffs. Playing hoops into June is way too long. Raising the rim is also something that would go a long way in forcing skill rather than athleticism. The argument that highlights would reduced is ridiculous. Most of the players today can elevate above the 11 foot level anyway and dunks would still be plentiful.

  • Dave

    As a smaller guy, I’d like to see an exibition game where the rim is higher and the ball is larger so those big guys can see what it was like for me to play.

  • Bruce

    3 inches? Try a foot. Players would have to learn how to actually play the game rather than whirly-bird a dunk every 4 seconds. (Yes, players would have to adjust. I understand that.) This is why college ball is so more fun to watch than Kobe/Lebron/whoever travel for 23 steps and make a monster dunk. But hey! Sports Center highlight!

  • paulpierce9points

    first of all paul pierce would have to learn the art of the jump shot because he sucks. Ray allen and garnett would not have a problem.

  • Dan Young

    I agree that the rims should be raised… but more than 3 inches. Back in eht days of 6″ 5″ big men, 10″ rims were fine. Now, you have point guards in the 6’8″-6’9″ inch range and jumping right out of the arenas. The game will be forced back to more fundamentals, but you are still going to see some MONSTER dunks. Have no fear sponsors…. they will bring MORE fans than ever.