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Chuck - Red's Army December 18, 2009 Uncategorized 24 Comments on Branded


An Elton Brand tip-in with 7.7 seconds left gave the 76ers a 98-97 victory over the Celtics, ending Boston's 11 game winning streak.

Paul Pierce and Ray Allen each missed jump shots on the Celtics final possession.

The Celtics lead by 15 early in the third quarter, but quickly fell apart. The offense became disjointed, sloppy and the guys started taking it one-on-one on far too many possessions. The Celtics never regained the offensive fluidity we witnessed in the first half.

Rasheed Wallace was ejected in the second quarter. While on the bench, he picked up a technical for arguing a questionable foul call during a time-out, and then was hit with a second technical for charging the referee. 'Sheed was clearly missed as Philly's big men dominated in the second half. Elton Brand had 23 points, 8 rebounds and Marreese Speights had 17 points, 10 rebounds.

Kevin Garnett lead the Celtics with 21 points and 10 rebounds. Rondo (13 points, 10 assists) and Perk (12 points, 16 rebounds) contributed double-doubles.

Another mediocre effort from Paul Pierce – 9 points on 4-12 shooting.

As with most games, there were plenty of questionable calls. Kendrick Perkins was whistled for fouls on two plays in which he made textbook box-outs. Bill Kennedy (he's had numerous run-ins with Doc Rivers) is one of the worst refs in the game. He might have the biggest ego in the NBA.

The Celtics are 1-4 in Friday night home games.

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  • Alex

    What an embarrassment…
    I’m hoping that the Celtics were just rusty for not playing for three days… and that the Sixers were seriously hungry for a W because they’ve been in a rlly bad losing streak…

  • While on the bench, he picked up a technical for arguing a questionable foul call during a time-out,
    Didn’t see it but how in the world do you give a T to a guy arguing a call during a timeout? I swear these fools think people pay to see them.

  • NineSevenEight

    This loss PISSED me off more than the other 4. Sloppy, uninspired, undermanned, lazy….and LATE.

  • greenbeand

    feck w/e the final score was, those refs were dog shit

  • NineSevenEight

    Perk disrespected again tonight.

  • DRJ

    (1) First of all, the Celtics played a terrible game tonight. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, at different times, looked like pathetic fools out there, just throwing the ball away on stupid turnovers. Rasheed Wallace was INEXCUSABLY INFANTILE (see below). The vaunted Celtics defense was hard to find. Even Rondo played fast and loose with the ball, not taking the game seriously.
    (2) When are the Cs going to say “Enough is enough, Rasheed. GROW THE HELL UP.” His behavior… THREATENING A REF!?!… was disgusting, childish, self-centered and incredibly stupid.
    (3) To paraphrase a well-worn saying: “Mess with the refs, you get the shaft.” That about sums up this game. Pierce gets absolutely HAMMERED on his breakaway drive… no foul, ball goes to Philly. Iguodala isn’t TOUCHED on his drive, and he gets the and-1. This kind of thing happened a lot in this game. Why? Because the Cs ticked off the refs, beginning with Rasheed’s incredible display of childishness.
    (4) Besides DESERVING this loss, I realized about 6 minutes into Q4 that the Cs NEEDED TO LOSE THIS GAME. They’ve gotten cocky. They think they’re invulnerable. They think they can mess around, play sloppy, terrible basketball, and still walk away with a win. Not so, boys, not so. And you should know better by now. Since you’ve forgotten… he’s a reminder. You lose. To Philly.
    (5) Besides all that… the refs behaved inexcusably in this game. There are no excuses possible for the way this game was officiated. Bill Kennedy and Leroy Richardson should be fired… immediately. This is not hyperbole or overreaction. Those two are a disgrace to the game… childish, vindictive, grossly unfair, blatantly biased. Fire them. Now.

  • cheekmeister

    aaaand the streak ends by a point.
    “Celtics don’t seem overly concerned by loss, but acknowledge home struggles are baffling and frustrating.”
    “Doc Rivers says Celtics showed up and expected other team to roll over. Said starters let Philly back into the game after opening lead.”
    yeah they deserved the L.

  • Al

    DR J – pretty much agree with all that…
    Heinsohn in the call totally dissed Brand when Wallace scored over him – something like “Sheed can score on 2nd rate players all night long” Well Sheed imploded like an 8 year old kid who thinks he’s been wronged…and Brand went OFF and won the game for them.
    It seemed like they got offensive boards whenever they wanted in the 4th. I don’t remember KG getting a single board in the 4th except for the off board for Allen’s 3. Perk had a big game on the boards and yet they did what they wanted at the end cleaning up misses…
    Isn’t Bill Kennedy the guy that tossed Rivers last year for waving his hand??
    I tell u what the more this shit happens the more Tim Donaghy is gonna be listened to….

  • Al

    and while I’m hot, what has happened to Pierce’s rebounding this year?? He getting lazy? – he’s usually good for 6 or 7 not 4 or 5…

  • well i thought that was a pitiful performance all the way around against a pitiful ball club, coaching, players, and referees.
    Celts stink at home right now.
    Pierce plays a terrible game, and u call for a PP iso at the end of the game doc, really?

  • Ringo

    I just want to thank you, guys, for telling Kristine Leahy my true feelings.
    I think she likes me.

  • Chalk this one up to Rasheed Wallace being selfish. I’m not going to make any excuses for him. That’s childish and selfish behavior.
    Tony Allen’s performance was the only good thing I saw tonight at the Garden. He played great D and didn’t make any mistakes offensively.

  • JD

    Hey, they aren’t gonna win every game I guess, and its even good to lose a game now and then. Sort of like a slap in the face for the team if they get too cocky and lazy. And good work Tony Allen, hopefully he can make similar contributions night in and night out: we need his energy, slashing and D off the bench on a consistent basis.

  • This brings me back to an episode of 2ManGame last summer where Natalie from said “you’re gonna love him and hate him.” Hating him.

  • nick

    How about we sign Rashad McCants? with no Marquis Daniels we can use him and hes definitely a better scorer than House or T.A. I have loved his game since he was a TAR-heel the dude reminds me of Cory Maggette and Bonzi Wells, kuz he is a little wild and off the wall but damn the motherfucker can score and score and score. I just think we could use another spark off our bench for when we battle Orlando and L.A

  • prefuse

    Its still during the game smart ass. Timmy and Crawford?

  • Uncle Leo

    Someone really needs to tell Rasheed to lighten the fuck up with his constant badgering of the refs. Can you imagine him costing us games in the playoffs by getting technicals, thrown out, or discouraging some favorable calls? If a regular season game can get him this emotional there’s no doubt this kind of stuff will happen come April.

  • you have issues bro…
    rashad mccants has one of the lowest basketball IQs in the NBA, is one of the worst passers and defenders in the league, and is flat out chucker who cant get a ton of minutes on lottery teams

  • Why the hell is anyone blaming rasheed?
    we need rasheed to beat a pitiful 76ers team?
    No we dont, it was stupid of him to get kicked out, but we had a double digit lead and shouldve been able to maintain that, dontcha think?
    docs brilliant lineup of Scal/Williams/House/TA/Rondo to start the 4th was a little baffling, other then rondo thats basically a YMCA lineup, rondo singlehandedly kept us in the lead until doc puts the old 3 back in and they start to go 1 on 1 every damn trip, which i just couldnt understand….
    And why does KG punch himself in the huddle yell at his teammates to execute and then comes out, cant get a rebound over anybody, and misses a damn layup?

  • Danno

    without fail, ToTheRuins turns a discussion about ANYTHING AT ALL into a Rondo Fellatio Festivale.
    In case you missed it, Rondo had only 13 points, and 4 turnovers in 38 minutes.
    The whole team sucked last night. including Rondo.

  • NineSevenEight

    LMAO! Good stuff. You forgot mention TTR’s obligatory KG bash. Twenty-one points, 10 rebounds in 34 minutes at 32 years old just isn’t enough these days I guess. No hard feelings TTR, it’s just what you do.
    Although I would say TA had a relatively good game. Very un TA-like.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’ve noticed people are more apt to comment after a loss than a win on this site. hmm….

  • and your point is….? obviously a loss like this gets people’s blood-boiling..

  • Al

    Yep a good gut check for the C’s – sounds like they all acknowledge they stunk…