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Paul Pierce: The Blogger

Chuck - Red's Army December 17, 2009 Uncategorized 1 Comment on Paul Pierce: The Blogger

The Truth is now blogging on The first installment is titled "How Boston Became My Town."

Here are some excerpts:

I guess the obvious question is, "Why am I doing this?"

I've put a lot out there about myself for Celtics fans and for Paul
Pierce fans in the past. You all know who I am as a basketball player
and a Boston Celtic.

But for me, blogging is going to give me a chance to let other
people get to know me even better, which is what I really want. When
I'm done with this game I want people to know more about Paul Pierce as
a person than just as a basketball player.

To say that I've played with only one franchise, and accomplished
what we have, it's almost like a miracle. You don't see that any more.
You don't see the same players staying with the same team like that.
I'm a true follower of the game and only five guys have played for one
team for 10-plus years, especially in the last 10. There's Tim, Kobe,
Ilgauskas, Nowitzki, and me.

You're always going to associate Kobe with the Lakers. You're always
going to associate Timmy with San Antonio. Those guys won championships
for their teams and they've been there their whole career.

You look around the league and see a lot of great players. You have
some Hall of Famers that have been on multiple teams and you think at
the end of the day, which team do they represent? And I can definitely
say I am a Boston Celtic through and through. When people look back at
my career they're going to identify me with one team.

Boston is definitely home.

I'm looking forward to reading this blog, provided Paul does two things.

1. The Truth must tell the truth. Spare us the textbook cliches, we want honest reactions.

2. Update the blog frequently. How about once a week? In the subheader, it reads Pierce will offer his insights and opinions in "occasional installments." I'm afraid that'll mean once a month.

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  • DRJ

    It’s a very good read, illuminating, real. Well written too… clearly proof-read by somebody. Hope to see more like this from the Captain…