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Kobe’s Great, But The Refs Really Suck

In case you haven't heard, Kobe Bryant nailed a jumper at the overtime buzzer last night to lift the Lakers past the Bucks. It was a clutch shot by the league's best player.

With :50 seconds left in OT and the Lakers trailing by 4, Bryant drove into the lane and plowed into Andrew Bogut (scroll 2 minutes into the above video). A clear-cut charge in my mind, and a call even the most passionate Lakers fan would have a hard time arguing against. But the refs didn't see it that way.

Here's my beef – the whistle blows upon contact. All three refs stand around and look at one another. It appears that each one is hoping the other will call the charge on Mr. Bryant, but none of them has the balls to do it. The refs confer – and voila – they call a block on Bogut.

This isn't about my hatred for Kobe and the Lakers (okay, maybe a little bit), it's about the ridiculous behavior of the referees. If the play involved any other player, the ref closest to the action would have made the call instantly.

It's this type of behavior that gives credibility to Tim Donaghy and fuels conspiracy theories.

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  • Nora

    Refs are proving Donaghy Right.

  • thetitleisours

    Lakers are the league’s pet

  • I still don’t believe (or want to, maybe?) that there is some sort of conspiracy involving all or most referees to determine the outcome of games, but that was a blatant charge. 3 refs watched happen and couldn’t make the right call any youth center rec league ref could make. Despite that bad call, even if they get it right, my money is on the Lakers still winning that game, somehow some way but still that is not the point – do your job right refs.

  • BigMck

    The Bucks really blew the game. They missed 3 huge free throws in regulation and OT.
    Skiles should have guarded Odom on the inbounds pass for the final play. The Lakers only had 5 seconds, at least make them work for the ball. At the very least you force Kobe another 4-5 feet away from the basket.

  • Just so I’m clear. Kobe traveled and committed an offensive foul on the same play and not only did three refs blow the call but Kobe is screaming for the and-1. Disgraceful yet expected.

  • Leo

    His feet were still moving backwards a little bit if you watch the replay, but yes, as a Lakers fan, that was a charge. On the other hand, there was a blatant foul on Artest that was not called just a play or two before; In general, a lot of calls/no calls went their way much of the night. It goes BOTH ways.

  • baltimoresbest01

    As a passionate Laker fan, I thought they were going to call a charge when it happened. However, this is a call that we see skewed every night in the NBA. It is a tough call to make, and they usually give the offensive player the benefit in crunch time (or so I seem to notice). I am not denying that Kobe gets a lot of calls, but he is not the only player that does (cough cough LeBron). This particular call doesn’t fuel my conspiracy ideas, simply because it is a call that is blundered quite often with many players. Just my two cents…

  • beachbumla

    Sheed has been sayin’ it for years. “All those fucking calls they had out there with Mike and Kenny, y’all seen that shit. Lot of them phantom calls, cats flopping and falling all over the floor and they’re calling that shit. Y’all, know that shit ain’t basketball out there. It’s all fucking entertainment. Y’all fucking should know that shit. It’s all fucking entertainment.”

  • Well, to be fair pretty much all players scream for an and one after making a basket with contact and a whistle.

  • Sophomore

    I was watching that one live, and I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I saw it. Worst part was Kobe’s reaction – fist-pump, scream, oh face. Dude. Refs bailed you out.