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Doc: “There’s things we have to do better”

Doc made his weekly stop on the Dennis & Callahan show.  Among the highlights… why the Celtics keep getting blasted on the offensive boards:

We have to guard the ball better in front of us. The reason we’ve given
up so many offensive rebounds is partly due to the dribble penetration
and that’s something that has hurt us, especially against quicker
teams. Atlanta beat us off the dribble. Phoenix beat us off the dribble. Orlando
beat us off the dribble and it led to points, it led to 3’s and it led
to the offensive rebounds. We have to control these things.

When you get beat off the dribble, a big has to step up and help… which means the guy who just got toasted has to bust-ass back to recover.  How often is that happening?  The biggest culprit getting beat off the dribble has to be Ray Allen, followed by Rajon Rondo when he gambles or takes a play off.  He's doing less of that right now… but he's still doing it.

Personally… I don't like the thought of playing off a guy who can beat you off the dribble.  I say you get up in his jock and make him make a mistake.  Set up shop about 2 inches from him and let him try to blow past you.  That takes a lot of effort… but against the Atlantas and Orlandos of the world, it's that or watch them drill 3's all night.

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