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Two Man Game tonight at 9, with Kristine Leahy

Kristine leahy

Kristine Leahy of will be joining us tonight on The Two Man Game.  The show starts at 9pm, as usual.  In addition to us talking about the Celtics current win streak, Kristine will give us a little insight into the fan side of the game experience, since she also work as in-game host.

As always, visit our show page to listen.

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  • Ringo

    Tell her I love her

  • Hahaha…
    (yes, me too)

  • Lex

    I hope she joins you by phone, because if she joins you in person, I expect to hear a lot of this:
    er, um, ah, well, err.
    Ah screw it.
    Do you mind if I just stare at you and drool?

  • The retraining order only allow me to talk to her by phone.

  • Lex

    Nice freudian.
    Sounds like a court order in russia.
    You are hereby sentenced to be re-trained.