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A Peek into the Future

Chuck - Red's Army December 16, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on A Peek into the Future


Via Chad Ford and John Hollinger's Future Rankings on ESPN:

The Celtics are performing as expected, as an elite team in the East. But for how long? The Celtics' core of Kevin Garnett (33), Paul Pierce (31), Ray Allen (33) and Rajon Rondo (23) is among the best in the league, but age and injuries will continue to catch up with them.

With the exception of Rondo and role players Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis,
the team is devoid of young talent that can build a bridge to the
future. Which explains why the Celtics can be a contender yet land only
in the middle of these rankings.

I'm surprised the Celtics rank as high as 12. No, I didn't take the time to read how Ford/Hollinger reached their conclusions. The Celtics future will be determined over the next 2-3 years when Danny Ainge sorts out the contracts of Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

A team loaded with youth and talent doesn't always equate to long term success. Remember the Celtics of the early 00s? And the Bulls have been an up-and-coming team for the past 10 years.

The top 5 teams the Future Rankings are:

  1. Magic
  2. Lakers
  3. Thunder
  4. Heat
  5. Jazz

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  • Jason

    The implication that Perk and BBD are on a similar level is rather insulting to Perk. From what I can tell from opposing announcers plus articles around the web, most people are starting to give Perk his due, that he’s an All-NBA caliber defender and a MUCH improved offensive player. That’s much more than a role player. Too bad Hollinger and Ford haven’t gotten the memo.

  • G4L

    That was my first reaction too but then I read Chris Forsberg link that was on one of todays articles & this is what he had to say about the C’s future.
    “Designating Perkins a “role player” is severely undervaluing his contributions to the team, which is a trap plenty of analysts evaluating the Celtics from the outside fall into. Hey, they call them the Big 3 for a reason. The fact of the matter is that Perkins has doubled his career scoring average this season (12 points per game) and is leading the NBA in field goal percentage (64.94 percent). Still just 25 years old, both he and Rondo are the foundation upon which the future of the Celtics’ organization will be built upon”

  • greenbeand

    obviously not taken into account was the pres of this franchise happens to be one of the most kix ass owners in all sports

  • AboveTheRim

    Lakers?? Kobe’s 31, Artest and Odom are 30 and Gasol’s going to turn 30.
    Love the Thunder’s core though.

  • Nora

    Exactly Lakers are not that young. Yes, Bynum is but that is about it I think.

  • antoinew8

    Yeah, the Lakers and Heat being that high on the list is a joke.
    Lakers – Sure Kobe seems like he can play forever, and i’m sure he’ll play until he can’t anymore like Jordan did, but if you’re saying that he and Gasol are young or future pieces, and Pierce isn’t for the Celtics, something’s wrong. Also, the “pros” always say KG has extra milage on his boody because he came out of HS, well so did Kobe, remember? And what future pieces do they actually have on their team that are worth anything? Sure Bynum’s on the edge of being an All-star, but only because there arent enough great centers to put two on the team. In all reality, he’s only slightly better than Perk. And there are no other significant young guys on their team. THey go about six deep, then the mins per player after that drops off severly. The Celtics at least have a true all-star – Rondo – a close to all star – Perk – and a solid role player in glenn Davis who showed he could be a starter on any team last year.
    As for the HEAT – When Wade leaves they’ll be nothing. They’ve got a solid but unrelyable guy in beasley, Then what? Chalmers and Cook? i don’t think so. You take wade off the team and they’re lottery bound for years to come. Maybe that’s why they’re a future team, they’re going to have a lot of lottery picks soon. ha hA.