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KG, Pierce on “All Decade Team”

Pierce garnett

I always expect Pierce to be overlooked in lists like this.  But he wasn't. Ian Thomsen has put together a nice little list.

His starting 5:  Nash, Kobe, LeBron, Duncan and Shaq.  Hard to argue with that for an All Decade team.

KG is a reserve…

Though Garnett was the 2004 league MVP with Minnesota, he was
criticized for failing to lead the undermanned Wolves to an NBA Finals.
Those complaints turned into cheers with his trade to the Celtics in
2007, when Garnett joined with Pierce and Ray Allen to lead Boston to its first championship in 22 years. Garnett will go down as one of the great defenders of his era.

So is Pierce.

After reaching the 2002 conference finals as a 24-year-old go-to scorer, Pierce matured — with the help of coach Doc Rivers
— to become an all-around playmaker while the Celtics were attempting
to rebuild with youth. When those youngsters were traded for Garnett
and Allen, Pierce was ready to do everything from scoring to creating
to defending LeBron on his way to becoming Finals MVP in 2008.

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  • JD

    Can’t argue with that list, unless your a Jason Kidd fan.
    Oh and you guys got a hat tip from NESN, as “theory debunkers”
    Reds Army: spreading the knowledge

  • G4L

    Didn’t see this one coming! Nice to see Pierce get some love. Maybe this will help sway the HOF Votes, because I really don’t see him as a lock for the HOF. I certainly believe he belongs in the HOF, but i just feel the National media doesn’t recognize Pierce as a TOP Flight Player in the NBA.

  • He’s an absolute lock for the hall of fame. there is zero doubt. ZERO.

  • G4L

    I hope so!

  • mic

    But AI is on the team.. ugh

  • Green8Teen

    Pretty sure he deserves to be on it. The man single handedly brought his team to the finals early in the decade and was scoring champ multiple times.

  • As obvious as my distaste for Iverson is… I’m not going to deny how good he was through most of the decade. He did a LOT for Philly. He just hasn’t aged well at all.

  • cmoney

    Duncan’s a center. Starting 5 should have Duncan at C and KG at PF.
    Ray or Vince should replace AI

  • Mauritz

    KG vs Timmy is NOT a debate I’m afraid, no matter how much love I have for KG.
    The one thing to argue about is probably the coach. Sure Jackson is great but hasn’t Popovich done as much with far less, not only when it comes to building rosters but also as a coach?

  • Filipe

    There’s no way VC has a better decade than AI. AI didn’t age very well, but Vince was awful for long stretchs too and without AI peaks. AI did took the 76ers to the finals in his MVP season (and that team was undermanned as the Wolves team from KG MVP season) and he beat both Vince’s Raptors and Ray’s Bucks (during both guys career year) duering the playoffs.