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Ray Knocks Out the Grizzlies

Chuck - Red's Army December 14, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Ray Knocks Out the Grizzlies

Clutch jesus
Those Memphis Grizzlies sure are a pesky bunch. They played their hearts out tonight against the Celtics. I almost felt bad when Ray Allen (18 points, 5-6 3FG) drilled a 25-footer with 17 seconds left to beat the shot clock and seal the Celtics 110-105 victory.

In all seriousness, this was an entertaining basketball game. The Cs biggest lead of the game was 6-points and that didn't come until late in the 4th quarter.

The difference in this game – three point shooting. The Celtics were 10-20, Memphis 1-13.

Rajon Rondo – 18 points, 8-12 FG, 9 assists

Kevin Garnett – 13 points, 8 rebounds

Rasheed Wallace had a tough shooting night (15 points, 6-15 FG), but he was effective on the block, shooting over Zach Randolph.

The Celtics did a good job controlling the boards. Both teams had 11 offensive rebounds and 25 defense rebounds.

Box Score | Recap

Prior to the game, the Celtics announced that Lester Hudson is headed to the D-League. Could we see the return of Bill Walker?

Photos from the game, after the jump.



(Photos by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

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  • Green8Teen

    Absolute DAGGER! Almost made me forget about the disgusting lack of defense played the entire game.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I knew Ray was going to hit that 3 as soon as he grabbed that loose ball. When he doesn’t have to think and just let a 3 fly he probably shoots 90%

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    What a beautiful box score for the C’s

  • For 3 and the Game

    Was that 3 by Ray not the greatest shot of the year for the C’s? I think so!! Good road win for the boys tonight. Give that guy a Tommy Point!!!!!

  • how long can tony allen keep this whole positively contributing to the team up? i feel like we have been here before, only this time its not as dramatic
    he is reeling us in to believe he can be a good player again, only this time good player means role player off the bench rather than shutdown defender/allstar scorer/human highlight reel or whatever we thought
    all im saying is, i am enjoying this whole act while it lasts, but i am definitely looking around every corner for when the aahhhhh i got you, i did it again, i made you think yall should give me another chance and i fooled you again moment comes
    i believe that this can only end badly, either tony goes through the whole year playing well only to cost us a big game with a terrible play, or he makes it through the year and has danny commit another contract which he doesnt fulfill to him
    btw, how funny would it be if tony actually got another contract at the end of this year, he’d be inching closer and closer to taking the worst celtic for life title

  • DRJ

    Gotta understand this game in the right context. The refs controlled this one. When you have refs with hair-trigger whistles, as we did in this game, the team that takes the biggest hit is, of course, the team that actually plays Defense. That would be us, the Cs. It’s impossible to play Cs D when the refs are blowing every little touch and then some. It takes our guys way off their game.
    So the refs insisted that this be a game of offense, not defense. And it got real simple. Cs won because they got hot at the right time.
    It’s good to get these kinds of games under their belts. It’s especially good for Doc, who seems to have trouble (a) RECOGNIZING that the refs are calling a game a certain way, and then (b) ADJUSTING the Cs’ game accordingly. Hopefully this game will help him… though from what he said afterwards, it didn’t sound like it. Sounded like he was unhappy that they didn’t play D very well. Well, DOC… think about it, willya. You have to play the game the way the refs force you to play. This was a perfect case in that point. The guys did what they could with the crappy way the refs called it. It’s your job, Doc, to come up with a strategy that fits into the refs’ game.

    TA was pretty good. Though of course, he did throw the ball away once… then was promptly pulled by Doc. So far, he’s had at least one bonehead play per game. If he ever has oh, say… 3 games in a row with no bonehead play… I will sing hallelujah and give thanks for a miracle. Ain’t gonna happen though. (To be fair, Rondo had TWO bonehead plays in this game… one where he threw the ball to an opponent, and one where he (gasp) dribbled the ball off his foot… a la TA!)

    I’m mystified by Lester going to D-League. Either Doc has a plan that’s better and smarter that we know, or he’s just a narrow-minded dope when it comes to rookies. Not sure which.

  • CFH

    Fun game to watch.
    TA wouldn’t be TA if he didn’t tease us like this.
    Poor Lester didn’t get a chance to play in front of his hometown friends after everything, not that I’m criticizing Doc for that decision under the circumstances.
    Was there ANYONE who didn’t think Ray’s shot would be going in as soon as he got near that ball?

  • Lakerhater

    Well said. Be careful though, watching TA’s game for extended period increases your risk of becoming a cutter by 200%.

  • kidFRESH

    Damnnn, Rondo got some long ass arms. Not that we didn’t know that already tho…