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Ray Allen schooling JR Giddens

Ray and giddens

Great item from TrueHoop over the weekend on Ray Allen and his way of riding the young guys like JR Giddens.

As Giddens took long-range shooting practice this morning at the United
Center in Chicago, Ray Allen sat observing, just inches away on the
bench. Giddens isn't not a congenital shooter — he falls away a bit on
his shot — but this morning, he was doing alright. He hit three
consecutive shots in front of Allen from the right side.

But that wasn't sufficient for Allen.

"You touched the rim!" Allen said after Giddens' third make. […]

"What kind of shooter are you if you're touching the rim on your shot?" Allen said with a smile.

Ray then went on to demonstrate what the lack of rim-touching should look like.

Just goes to show just how much of a perfectionist Ray Allen is.  Giddens is probably in a "I don't care if hits 5 people and the lights on its way… as long as it goes in" mode.  But not Ray.  I hope JR learns a little something from moments like that.  Your good isn't good enough for people like Ray.  Your good has to be better than that.  It has to be perfect.

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  • G4L

    Its amazing how much of a perfectionist Ray Allen is & you can clearly see the fruits of his labor.

  • Kat

    JR should definately take advise from a man who just passed 20,000!