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Good thing Trevor Ariza missed

Trevor Ariza is having a tough time of things in Houston, and apparently, the frustration got to be too much.  He was 0-9 with 4 turnovers when he swung a vicious elbow at DeMar DeRozan.  If that had connected, it would have been really bad.

Now he's going to have a few games off to think about what he did. 

Ya think Trevor might have been a little overrated after last year's finals?

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  • G4L

    What an idiotic thing to do by Ariza!
    But at the same time I think Arizas stats have been pretty good this year.. He’s been a surprise to me, I really didn’t expect much from Ariza.

  • The Truth is Here

    Jackass move. You can’t do things like that, regardless.
    That being said I think he has played well this season, him and Aaron Brooks and a bunch of good role players have led this team to a winning start, which few expected.
    I was also excited to see that kind of day from him because I was playing his team in fantasy basketball. Double bonus.

  • Uncharacteristic from him; poor decision none the less. He’ll get a suspension and thank God that didn’t connect. That would’ve been one of those odd “Kermit Washington” type moments. I don’t think he had intent, but you can’t swing a bow like that.
    John, If I would’ve asked you who would’ve thrown the first “idiotic” elbow between Ron Artest & Ariza bet you would’ve never guessed Ariza; neither would I.

  • Uhh Hes having his best statistical year, and the Rockets have been better then expected with him as one of there best players
    He was having a bad game clearly and took a cheap shot, deserves the suspension
    But hes averaging 17 pts/ 5 rebounds / 3 assists / 2 steals a game, albeit shooting a bad % is actually much better then I expected from this kid, even after the finals