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David Stern said what about legalized gambling?

Via Ian Thomsen of SI.com:

From my point of view, that is the big question created by the Tim Donaghy
scandal, and with this groundbreaking interview, Stern moved closer
than any major commissioner in modern times to an acceptance of
legalized betting on his games.

Stern made no commitment to
legalized gambling on NBA games in our wide-ranging conversation last
week at league headquarters in New York. He did, however, open a
dialogue that could ultimately lead to a new relationship between the
NBA and legalized sports betting. It's important to grasp the context
as detailed below, but for the first time he referred to nationally
legalized gambling on the NBA as a "possibility" that "may be a huge

And the exact quote from the commish:

however it may have moved closer to the line [of becoming acceptable],
is still viewed on the threat side," Stern said. "Although we understand
fully why, buried within that threat there may be a huge opportunity as

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  • I think its okay to legalized as long their is a commission who strongly control the whole activity..