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Case of the Mondays: Does Allen Iverson even listen to himself?

Case of the mondays

Mondays suck… even around here.  So we're taking time out on Monday's to make ourselves feel better and rant about something that pisses us off.

Via SLAMOnline

“For the second straight day, Allen Iverson did not practice with the Sixers. Iverson had 55 CCs of fluid drained from his knee yesterday. The team said he is day-to-day with synovitis of the left knee. ‘I think my knee will be a lot better being as I got it drained,’ Iverson said. ‘I think they said 55 CCs. That’s a lot. That’s more than I ever had before. I think it stems from me starting so fast and not having a chance to get a chance to practice and stuff, and not doing any running, just not playing over a month and jumping right into the fire. Hopefully, that’s what it’s from. I guess as much as I play, I guess it will go away, hopefully.”‘


I seem to remember the folks in Memphis wanting to bring you along slowly, Allen, because you were just coming off an injury and you were unfamiliar with their system… and they were afraid that rushing you along would just lead to bad things.

"He hasn't had a chance to perform," Hollins said. "And when he does come back he'll be way behind with how we're doing things. So when he gets into a game, it'll be limited. That's probably where we'll wind up at the start of the season."

Yet you, Allen Iverson, turned it into a federal case.  You were pissed off because you absolutely HAD to start… no matter what the situation was.  You threatened to retire.  You got yourself bought out and now you're in Philly, getting your knee drained.  But because you got your way, it's OK to admit that coming back so soon, so hard, caused your knee to swell up.

Is it at all possible that if you had just done what Grizzlies wanted you to do… come along slowly and eventually join the starting line up when you were 100%… that you'd be in a better position than you're in now?

Because when I look at the Grizzlies… I see a team that just came off a THUMPING of Miami.  They're a team that is starting to show signs of promise.  And while 10-13 is not a good record… it's Nirvana compared to the 5-18 crapfest the Sixers are throwing out there. 

But that's OK, Allen… because you're starting now.  And the fact that Memphis was right and you were wrong doesn't matter… so long as your ego is properly satiated.  The fact that your knee problems might have been avoided… and your reputation could have been repaired… had you just worked with the only team that really wanted you rather than fight them on it just doesn't matter.

Because it's all about you, Allen Iverson.  You got your way and that's all that matters… even as the proof that you were wrong, and maybe some karmic justice, sits in some doctor's syringe. 

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  • John, don’t hold back tell us what you really feel

  • FSantos33

    I know, John is being way too modest.. he didn’t give us the real “Answer” to his question. lol

  • Hey.. that’s what this new feature is for. Let loose on a total rant.
    Seriously though… does no one see the idiocy in his comment? What’s happening to him is the exact thing Memphis was hoping to avoid.

  • FSantos33

    I see it, he should’ve stayed a Grizzly. The problem with A.I. is he doesn’t see outside the box dude is a tool period. Three things in his head (Start, Shoot, & play victim) in a nutshell. When things doesn’t go his way then he cries and goes into his shell. Like a child.

  • DRJ

    I’m glad he left Memphis. They’re a fun team, a good team, and I have no doubt he would have ruined them. By letting him go when they did, they saved themselves months of headaches (and more losses).
    At Philly he’s harmless… just fits right in with the general crapness (Iguodala excluded).

  • JD

    Is it any coincidence that Memphis has won 4 out of their last 5 games a couple weeks after getting rid of AI.

  • “I think it stems from me starting so fast and not having a chance to get a chance to practice and stuff…”
    wait for it.. wait for it..
    Did he just say that lack of PRACTICE is why he’s hurt?