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The Morning Dump… where Rondo takes his shot at Brad Miller


morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“The hit was softer than I
expected,’’ Rondo said. “I knew I was going to get hit, going back to
last year. It wasn’t as hard as it seemed. I think he tried to go for
my face but he hit me in my nose.

I’ve been hit harder. You just know, you’ve got a feeling. It didn’t
hurt, I was just focusing on trying to make a free throw, honestly. I
wasn’t mad or anything, that’s part of the game. I’ve been hit way

Globe – Rondo Undaunted by Miller

Is that first sentence a jab at Miller? Maybe. I also think Rondo is telling the truth, because he has been hit harder. Doc Rivers was thankful for the hard foul, sort of:

Said Rivers: “I don’t think that was anything from last year. I just
thought it was one of those freaky plays. In a crazy way, I actually
turned to (assistant coach Tom Thibodeau) and said, ‘Now we can play.’
Because I thought we were a little flat. When he did that, it kind of
jolted us."

Herald – Rondo Gets Foes Message

For what it's worth, both Doc and Paul Pierce said they do not think Miller is a dirty player. While Tommy Heinsohn may have a different opinion, they might be right. He may take some hard fouls, but Miller is more annoying than dirty.

On page 2, the Celtics suddenly have the best record in the NBA.

The Utah Jazz, the same team that scored only six points in the fourth
quarter Wednesday against the Lakers, welcomed them to their first real
run of road games with a 102-94 victory Saturday at Energy Solutions

The flight plan showed the Lakers to be 590 miles from home, but they looked to be 10 times that far.

Kobe Bryant had an upset stomach, needed to take intravenous fluids
before the game and again at halftime, and shot poorly, making it hard
to tell if he was bothered more by fatigue or the broken right index

LA Times – Lakers Look Homesick in Utah

I realize its meaningless, but it does feel good to see the Lakers lose to the Jazz in Utah. As LA piled up win after win on their home court, you read little about their cushy schedule. But once that 11 game winning streak ended, the schedule talk surfaced in paragraph two. And the NBA home pages on ESPN and Yahoo! Sports look strange minus the 'Lakers are unstoppable' columns.

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