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Chuck - Red's Army December 12, 2009 Uncategorized 8 Comments on The Maestro


The Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls, 106 – 80 behind a strong performance from Rajon Rondo.

The kid was brilliant – 16 points, 14 assists, 7 rebounds and 3 steals. He lead the offense with precision. He was pulling the right strings all night long. Defensively, he did a tremendous job guarding Derrick Rose (19 points, 8-19 FG) off the ball, denying him at every turn.

The game turned in the third quarter, where the Celtics turned a 8-point halftime lead into a 20 point cushion. While I'll credit the Celtics for attacking Chicago on both ends of the floor, the Bulls looked like a team that had played 4 games in 5 nights.

Rasheed Wallace (15 points, 5 rebounds) had a strong night. He repeatedly took the ball right at Joakim Noah in the post in the 2nd quarter.

Kevin Garnett finished with 12 points (6-8 FG), 10 rebounds in 27 minutes.

Brad Miller was, well… Brad Miller. He hacked and flopped around the court all night. He was hit with a flagrant foul in the 1st quarter after slamming Rondo to the floor.

Paul Pierce was aggressive early. He came out shooting in the 1st quarter (8 of his 14 points), but struggled overall. He wrenched his shoulder in the 3rd quarter, but came back in the game. While it looked painful, I don't think it was anything serious.

Box Score | Recap | Video Highlights

Photos from the game, including a snapshot of the Miller flagrant foul, after the jump.

(Photos by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)





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  • Bulls were Rondo’d, and one of the more impressive things about his stat line was the amount of open shots and bunnys guys were missing off some of his brilliant passes…easily could have had 20+ asssists
    I LOLed when Comcast gave KG Player of the game, nothing against KG, but cmon now

  • DRJ

    The Bulls played a tough, scrappy game for 2 quarters. Unfortunately for them, they ran into the Cs’ best game of the season. Great, great performance by the Cs… 2nd and 3rd quarters were especially superb, including AWESOME defense (32.6% FG%).
    Well, uhh…. not all the Cs had a great game. Paul Pierce — what can you say? “Had a bad game” would be a euphemism for the stinker he put up tonight. Silver lining: this team is so strong, it didn’t matter. At all. Likewise, it didn’t matter that…
    Mr. Tony Allen went right back to form tonight. The incipient TA fan club is, should be, DOA. The man is an idiot, and Stupid Lasts Forever — so barring a brain transplant, Tony Allen will never be adequate. End of story. Silver lining: Doc took him out after his 2nd TO (and 3rd bonehead play) in a row… ‘thank god for small favors’. (He did a little better much later in garbage time.)
    Perk showed us TWO new moves tonight. (1) Right out of the Paul Pierce playbook: Q2 4:30 — he got the ball low, defender stuck his arms out at him, so he brought his arms up quickly in a shooting motion to get the foul. (2) When it didn’t count, he reverse-dunked the ball. Don’t remember ever seeing him do that. It’s like Perk is only beginning to come into his own. Just keeps getting better and better, that man.
    Rondo — great, great game. Hit 80% of his FTs, and 46% of his FGs, several of which were tough mid-distance jumpers… to say nothing of his 14 assists. Between Rondo and Perk, it’s like the entire starting lineup of the Cs = All-Stars.
    Even garbage time was well-played… JR and Lester did very well.
    And even the refs were excellent tonight… not once did I curse at them, a rarity. This was a beautiful game to watch. Just beautiful.
    The one remaining problem
    The lack of a backup point guard was particularly, painfully obvious tonight. That 2nd unit was rudderless (mostly in Q2; does not include garbage time in the 4th, when Lester did a good PG job). And Rondo can’t/shouldn’t play almost 40 minutes a night. The Chicago announcers mentioned something about Lue that we’ve discussed here before, and which I’m beginning to believe is actually going to happen. Tyronn Lue has been practicing with the Cs since the beginning of the season. He’s completely ready to go. The Cs are planning/hoping to trade 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 by January. One way or another, they will clear a roster spot to activate Lue. Between him and a hopefully-ready-to-go-by-then Lester Hudson, the backup PG issue will be covered.

  • cheekmeister

    in the bull’s defense, they did just play an overtime game.. but i’ll take it! 😉

  • Good point on the missed baskets.
    And I thought the same thing when they revealed the player of the game. Lame.

  • 11rings

    I didn’t see it, but your mention of Perk’s reverse dunk got me reminiscing about Dominique Wilkins, even though his best days were on the Hawks, not the Celtics. ‘Nique is the all-time king of reverses. Go to
    at 2:08 dude reverses a put-back. I’ve never seen anybody else do that.

  • Filipe

    I was annoyed by how long it took Doc to play Lester in the end. House/T. Allen is an evil backcourt, I understand not trusting the kid during the game but he should be able to play the second half of the final quarter in a 20+ game against a team coming from a OT that have throw the towel for some time.

  • DRJ

    I agree… House/TA backcourt is death. It’s just crazy to do it. The only explanation I can think of is that Doc/Danny want to showcase TA in the hope of trading him away soon. I sure hope that’s the case… because otherwise, one has to wonder about Doc’s state of mind.

  • DRJ

    The Celtics now have three #1 records:
    1) #1 Best Record in the NBA (after LA’s loss)
    2) #1 Best FG% in the NBA (Perk)
    3) #1 Best FG% for a non-center in the NBA (Kevin Garnett)