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So… about that wins record

Just when you thought all that talk about 73 wins was dead…

Still wondering if the Celtics, winners of nine in a row and boasting
an Eastern Conference-best 18-4 record, could win 72 games this season?

According to computer simulations that produce John Hollinger's NBA Playoff Odds,
the Celtics could still finish at 73-9 overall, which would set a new
NBA record for wins. Then again, the Green are just as likely to finish
at 42-40, which is to say that neither scenario is very likely.

But go ahead and print those 2009-10 Atlantic Division champions
T-shirts. According to the numbers, Boston is 99.9 percent certain to
capture the division title based on computer simulations after the
first quarter of the season.

I don't think anyone really expects the C's to challenge the 70 win mark… but I think what this shows is how well the Celtics have overcome their early struggles.  Forsberg is right… the C's will neither get to 73 or fall to 42 wins.  But… there's an outside chance.

And when you think about the way the C's were playing… their rebounding issues… and the injuries to Glen Davis and now Marquis Daniels… AND the way KG has essentially treated November and December like extended preseason to get himself into shape after his knee injury… AND the fact that Ray Allen is still only shooting 33% from three…..

…. the fact that the words 73 wins can be written in a piece about this year's Celtics is amazing.  We feel like the C's have so much work to do, yet they're 18-4, a half game behind LA for the best overall record in the NBA and a game and a half up on Orlando in the East.   Maybe that, more than anything, shows how good this team really is.

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  • FSantos33

    Still far from being a dominate team in my opinion. Rebounding has to improve if the Celtics want to overcome the other title contenders. 3 out of 4 defeats have come in the hands of good teams (Phx, Orl, & Atl). D’ is there for 3.5 quarters and rebounding for 1 quarter. Overall Celtics has to be more consistent. Upcoming opponents are below average until Xmas day vs. Orl and Phx at the end of the month; I would like to see dominant performances against Orl and Phx then I can sit back and say well we are back!

  • Do you really need measuring stick games against…Phoenix? to know how good we are, or if we can contend?

  • FSantos33

    Yes, we did lose to Phx at home no? Because all our wins so far were against average or below average opponents. A convincing win over Orl and Phx would proof something. Don’t get me wrong 18 – 4 is very good but I don’t see the whole package yet.

  • Whether they lost a regular season game to Phx or not, they are much more legit contenders then the suns…Orlando, fine…Although they have now lost consecutive games to Utah and Phx…every team has moments of vunerablity, didnt the suns just lost to NY and some other non contender.
    The only team i would take as a measuring stick game is the lakers

  • FSantos33

    I am speaking of this month’s games but point taken Lakers are ballin’ right now and La vs. Bos would be a huge evaluation game for both teams. So, what would your opinion be if the Celtics lost to Orl and Phx this month? Would you say oh it’s just regular season games or hell, we can’t beat nobody good…. etc.

  • FSantos33

    We should take care of business tonight vs. the Bulls. Bulls are struggling right now we should be able to take advantage of it. Rondo vs. Rose is always a fun match up. I know Rondo would be hyped up. Will miss most of the game gotta pick up my wife from work and do some xmas shopping.. dammit! See you in comments after the game.

  • Yeah I would just take it as another regular season game, Phx im not concerned about, there smoke and mirros and a regular season team and have no chance at reaching the finals, losing to orlando again would be a little more concerning…but i wouldnt take it as we cant beat good teams, we have already beaten good teams this season Spurs, Cavs, Heat, etc.. and have won something like 9 in a row on the road against all teams playing good basketball, maybe not contenders, but hey neither is phx imo.
    alright have a good night happy holidays