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Celtics/Bulls Game Preview

Chuck - Red's Army December 12, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Celtics/Bulls Game Preview


Celtics (18-4) at Bulls (8-13)

Game time: 8:00pm, United Center, Chicago. TV – CSN. Radio – WEEI-AM (850).

Team Leaders

Bos: Pierce – 18.1                  Bulls: Luol Deng – 17.5 

Bos: Perkins – 7.7                  Bulls: Joakim Noah – 11.7

Bos: Rondo – 9.3                    Bulls: Derrick Rose – 5.6

Who'll go off:  Paul Pierce. You can only keep this guy down for so long. He's averaging a paltry 12.8 ppg for December. I'm expecting a breakout game, whether Luol Deng (who played 52 minutes last night vs Golden St) is guarding him, or not.

Who needs to be stopped:  Joakim Noah. The Celtics rebounded much better against the Wizards and we hope it continues against Chicago. The goal is to keep Noah off the offensive boards. He's the Bulls energy guy, limit his dunk and putbacks and it will help keep Chicago in check.

The C's will lose if…  The Bulls make their 3s. Chicago is a mediocre three-point shooting team. If these shots are falling tonight, it could be problematic for Boston.

Wildcard: Chicago is a tired team. They're coming off an overtime win versus Golden State and this will be their fourth game in five nights. The Bulls are 0-4 on the second night of back-to-backs. The last two times the Bulls played back-to-back games, they lost by 32 to Toronto and 35 to Atlanta.

Prediction:   Celtics 110 – Bulls 87

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  • Nick

    My dream rotation. Rondo,Ray,PP,KG,Perk the BEAST, Sheed, Big Baby, Marquis, T.A, Shelden, and 1 of EITHER Giddens or Walker. I hate SCal and I hate House. Hudson ain’t ready 2 play. We can play daniels at the one and T.A at the 2, how dangerous would those 2 be slashing to the hoop, when you’ve gota respect Big Baby and Sheeds’ shooting ability. Maybe all u Reds Armys guys and Doc don’t get it but House is DONE, no athleticism, his skills have just completely eroded. But we all seem 2 still love em. Well I don’t. Bottom line is that its a collision course between us and L.A nothing will stop the 2 mega powers from meeting. Not Orlando or the SPurs or Cavs or Suns. Give me a break this is an epic collision course between 2 JUGGERNAUTS!! Doc needs to get his HOUSE in order no pun intended and quit the fucking B.S and get rid of Scal and Eddie. The 21 HUGE advantages we have over L.A is the PG matchup where they are so scurred that they refuse 2 allow TeaBag Fisher 2 even cover Rondo and they stick Kobe on em, and sheer Toughness. do u think Bynum and Pau wana band with the Beast K.g and so on and so forth we can still come at u with 3 BANGERS off the bench. thats are greatest advantage. Adding that fucking stupid, ugly moronic fucking little yellow bus ridin Artest don’t do cock, Watch the Truth torch em like he has 4 the last 6 years. Now its just gona be more apparent kuz he’s wearing the fag yellow and purple colors

  • Nick

    Are the Lakers just covering up kuz Kobe broke his finger by ramming into his own ass too hard? I think its a possibility. I would like nothing more than for Kobe to get into a HIGH-SPEED automobile accident, assuming the season is over so that way we can beat those pussies. Sorry to the site if Im coming off as a complete weirdo/ phsyco but Im tired of seeing and hearing about L.A I fucking wana face them in June so bad It consumes me those fagets took the backroads last year and beat Orlando, lets see how they do against someone there OWN size. Bitcthes

  • KY Celts fan

    Holy crap, man! Do a little exercise and get those endorphins pumping, or at least take a prozac.
    as for House, personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing his name in some trade offers. We aren’t going to get anything from our expirings cuz nobody wants them. We would have to give up something, and House seems to the player that lifts out the easiest. Though, let it be known that I do like House.
    and Nick, yes, you did intend the pun, that’s why you put House in all caps.