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Who’ll make the All Star team?

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I'm going to try not to make too much of the insane early All Star voting returns.  And I'm going to avoid my "let's get everyone in green into the All Star" game thoughts… just for a moment.  Right now, I think there are three Boston Celtics who will be playing in Dallas in February.

Paul Pierce:  Right now, Kevin Garnett has more votes than all the other Celtics combined.  But despite that, I think he'll get passed once the mainstream media starts talking about who should make it, and people really start looking at the stats. Plus, Chris Bosh will probably go on a very public crusade for All Star votes… which will have some kind of influence.  So, assuming that, I think the only member of the Big 3 that will go to the All Star game this time around is Paul Pierce. 

Pierce's production has dropped a little as he has allowed the rest of the team to find its groove.  But Paul has proven during the Celtics recent struggles that he can, and will, take over when needed.  He's 5th among Eastern Conference in scoring right now, even with the recent stretch of low outputs, so there's statistical justification.  And there's no way the All Star game will go off without one of the Big 3 on there… so Paul gets the nod

Rajon Rondo: We saw last night why he's an All Star. Not only does he deserve to be on the team, he deserves to start.  Dwyane Wade is a runaway leader among guards, and deservedly so.  But you can't tell me that Vince Carter, even with his 20.1 ppg, is playing better than Rondo.  Carter is scoring well, but he's  shooting 41%. 

Meanwhile, Rondo is the engine that makes the Celtics go.  But let's not make this a Rondo vs. Carter debate.  Even if VC gets voted in, there's no way Rajon Rondo gets left off this team.  Can you imagine what kind of passes this kid will make with all those great players around him? 

Oh yeah… we can… because he's already making them.  Rondo's in.

After the jump, the Celtics 3rd All Star

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Kendrick Perkins:  Dwight Howard should get every vote for starting center.  That much we know.  But there isn't a center on that list that I'd rather have after Dwight, than Kendrick Perkins (Al Horford, by the way, should be on the Forwards list).

Perk leads the entire NBA in shooting.  He's regarded as one of the league's best low post defenders.  Despite picking fouls on some of his picks, he's now being recognized at one of the league's best at setting screens and getting guys open. 

Perk is a true center.  And, for what it's worth, he might be the only guy in the league who can check Dwight Howard 1-on-1.  Perk deserves to be on this team as much as any other.  Considering the field, I think he'll make it.

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  • G4L

    WOOOOOO!!! I got it right!!!

  • Green8Teen

    You are crazy. If the question was “who from the Celtics SHOULD make the all star team” I could see this but there’s no way you actually think fans will vote Perk in. KG is the biggest name on this team and will make the all-star team. Nice analysis…

  • No, I don’t think he’ll get voted in. I think he’ll get added by the coaches afterwards. That’s the whole point.

  • that’s because you are an astute Red’s Army reader who pays attention to who we’ve been touting all along. Good job.
    Congrats on the right answer…. and good luck. I’d love to see a Red’s Army HOF’er win the tickets

  • Eli

    I think KG will get voted in, and Rondo will get added by coaches instead of Perk. (Perk will get it next year, and be motivated by the snub).
    I think: Pierce, KG, Rondo

  • Rondo in the all star game could be must-see tv.

  • Green8Teen

    and you legitimately don’t think KG will be on there? Your name is literally all that matters. Tracy freaking McGrady is 2nd on the guards list in the West.

  • I explained it in the post. I just have a feeling that Bosh will pass KG. I don’t think KG will be on the team. I don’t think he’ll want to play, either.

  • Filipe

    Perkins has to fight Horford and Lopez for backup C, Lopez has the Nets awful reccord against him and Horford is a PF that plays C, but Perkins will only get above them if KG fails to make it.
    Rondo will be the de facto starting PG despite not getting enough votes due to lack of competition.

  • rondo and pierce deserve to make it
    KG will make it, but id rather he not play to be honest, and I dont think he deserves the nod over chris bosh…Blashphemy? not really KG started all star games when he was in minny putting up numbers like Boshs on bad teams.
    Last year watching the eastern all star team was a joke with no real PG, it was devin harris and i believe Mo williams, 2 shoot first shooting parading around as PGs
    Rondo could make it extremly entertaining and really rack up the assists in a game like that

  • Joey

    The All-Star Teams should be this…
    PG- Chris Paul
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- Carmelo Anthony
    PF- Dirk Nowitzki
    C- Andrew Bynum
    B- Tim Duncan
    B- Pau Gasol
    B- Deron Williams
    B- Brandon Roy
    B- Steve Nash
    B- Amare Stoudemire
    B- Al Jefferson
    PG- Rajon Rondo
    SG- Dwyane Wade
    SF- LeBron James
    PF- Chris Bosh
    C- Dwight Howard
    B- Paul Pierce
    B- Kevin Garnett
    B- Vince Carter
    B- Joe Johnson
    B- Gilbert Arenas
    B- Andre Igoudala
    B- Devin Harris

  • antoinew9

    These should be the teams. I’m pretty much the same with Joey except a few spots and a few starters vs. bench positions. I can tell you’re a Laker fan with Bynum Starting:
    East Starters:
    C- Dwight Howard
    F- Chris Bosh
    F- LeBron James
    G- Joe Johnson
    G- Dwayne Wade
    F- Kevin Garnett
    F- Paul Pierce
    F- Danny Granger
    C- Brook Lopez
    G- Andre Iguodala
    G- Vince Carter
    G- Rajon Rondo
    C- Tim Duncan
    F- Dirk Nowitzki
    F- Carmello Anthony
    G- Kobe Bryant
    G- Chris Paul
    F- Kevin Durant
    F- Amare Stoudemire
    F- Carlos Boozer
    C- Al Jefferson (Better than Bynum since Gasol’s come back)
    G- Steve Nash
    G- Deron Williams
    G- Brandon Roy

  • antoinew8

    Bynum will probably make it though with the Lakers having the best record. The best teams in each division always get at least two guys and with Gasol having been injured so much, he shouldn’t make it, and both Odom and Artest arent deserving, so that leaves Bynum – whaa, whaa.

  • Filipe

    West is weak on Cs as much as East is on true PGs, so its pretty much between Amare (on his name only) and Bynum (on Lakers fans and people who didn’t find anyone else to vote). If Amare wins, Bynum is the backup, if Bynum wins, the backup will likely be either Nenê or Kaman. Anyway I predict Duncan and Dirk will play half of the Cs minutes game day.

  • Joey

    The NBA should’ve listed Tim Duncan as a center so that the starting lineup can be full of superstars. I believe Bynum should make it, but he shouldn’t be starting over Duncan (Dirk has more PF votes than him). But I do think that Bynum should go over Amare Stoudemire. But, most of the voters don’t watch the NBA and wouldn’t know that Rajon Rondo and Andrew Bynum are more deserving than Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson.