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Lakers Fans Named Best in the NBA


Forbes Magazine has ranked the the best fans in the NBA. Here's the Top 5:

1. Lakers
2. Celtics
3. Cavaliers
4. Bulls
5t. Hornets
5t. Spurs

Befuddled? Dazed and confused? Here's the explanation:

We ranked teams based on average regular-season home game attendance as
a percentage of arena capacity; regular-season local television viewers
as a percentage of the team’s metro area population; and team
merchandise sales.

Judged by those measures, Lakers fans showed their team the most love.
Fans filled the Staples Center to its 18,977-seat capacity for every
home game the past two years. They had a league-high 98 percent renewal
rate for season ticket holders for the current season. On top of that,
an average 267,000 households in the L.A. area tuned into Lakers games
last season on television stations KCAL 9 and FS West. Fans also bought
enough Lakers gear to make it the top-selling merchandise last season.
Kobe Bryant jerseys were the most popular in the league, and
Pau Gasol’s jerseys ranked ninth.

Let me explain exactly how Forbes screwed this up. They failed to account for two critical elements:

  • The "show up late, leave early" quotient
  • Basketball IQ

Lakers fans score extremely high in the first category, and extremely low in the second category. When you add these critical statistics to the Forbes formula, Lakers fans finish 22nd in the league.

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  • Mauritz

    They also forgot to count how many of the buyers of merchandise are actual fans, and how many just buy it for fashion. Lakers jerseys are bought by people who don’t even watch basketball, much like Yankees caps. If you’d go by merchandise, the Yankees would be the most popular team in any sports in the world, and the majority of those wearing their logo worldwide probably don’t even know that it’s that of a baseballteam.
    Trying to measure how “good” the fans of any team are is stupid to begin with.

  • DB

    You nailed it with the “show up late, leave early” thing, and how many go there just to be seen, to see celebrities, or because it’s the cool thing to do (much like the pinkhats here at Fenway). Plus that loser has “BLSTON” on his tat…lame! (I know he was intending the basketball to be the “O” but it look retarded as is)


    awww are you guys pissed that laker fans own you guys? not only do the fans own your fans, but the lakers have been on an absolute rampage. i cant wait to vs boston and own you guys. its gonna be a cakewalk to the championship this year.

  • The Staples Center is sooo quiet too. Compare the games in LA to the games in Boston during 08 finals. Not even comparable.
    Forbes lists are so inaccurate anyway.
    On a side note, no matter how much i love boston, that is a dope tattoo.

  • PutDJintheHall

    Lakers suck.
    I loath the lakers. If the the entire yankees line up was A -rod. I still hate the Lakers more.

  • GlassHalfFull

    My 6 year old son, who hates the Yankees, asks me, “Dad, who do we root for when Yankees play other teams?” Answer: the other team (obviously). Then he asked me “Dad, who do we root for when the Lakers play other teams?” Answer : The other team.
    Then he asked me “Dad, who do we root for if the Yankees play the Lakers?” Answer: A plane crash

  • thetitleisours

    They certainly are number one in obnoxious trolls :)))

  • DB

    Yeah, the “Lakers are on a rampage” with their 4 road games (losing all but 1, I think) and playing a cupcake schedule so far…LOL

  • This barely justifies a response it’s so off base. It’s a business analysis, not a passion or Sports IQ analysis.
    – Consider the source, writer in NYC that writes for a business journal… the business side of sports at best
    – Consider the market. The Lake Show avg 18k people at the game, (even show late leave early). The lowly Clippers? 16k, a difference of 2k people. Not very dramatic.
    – Her logic is flawed, (said it is based on percentage of home viewers, then state the 267,000 number.. but doesn’t state the percentage?)

  • haha

    Is that your imaginary child? lol We sure as hell know that you cant get laid in life…LMAO

  • haha

    Hey DB (Douche Bag)
    Look at this before you talk.
    Dumbass lol

  • Laker fan

    I actually agree with this list cause obviously I`m actually a Laker fan, not only that cause this are the same fans who supported their own team even during the days when their team were losing unlike you guys. Even though we may have the dumbest of dumbest fans at least we don`t change teams, honestly how many celtic fans were cheering for the Celtics were they were losing , if i remember it correctly when you guys were losing you were chanting MVP to Kobe in Boston Garden.

  • Corre

    Your an idiot to say the Lakers suck. If they suck so bad where is your proof. best record in nba, nba champions?

  • Cmac

    Nice telling your kids for people to die in a plane crash #1 dad.

  • Beep

    the_bantam – I would even wonder if 267,000 households in the LA area would actually not be that high of a percentage considering the massive population of the area.

  • Lakers fans are easily the worst in the NBA and the least intelligent basketball fans…sure there are a few smart unbiased ones out there…but most are just kobe homers

  • jerrycole

    Actually, to determine the “best fans” the won-lost record has to be taken into account, too. For instance, if a team has a low number of wins and attendance of 17,000, then I would rank their fans higher than a team with a lot of wins that draws 18,000.
    And if those 17,000 came from a metro area of 3 million, while the 18,000 are drawn from a metro area of 10 million, that would be another consideration.
    What Forbes ranked was not who are the “best” fans, but which team has the best money-making possibilities.

  • Smith

    That is total bullshit about Laker fans arriving late & leaving early. Another media perpetuated myth that has no basis in reality. With a diligant press corp like this it is no wonder we elected a Fascist as president. The LA fans are as well versed in basketball as any other fans in the league. People assume because we get A list celebrities at the games that people are only there to rub elbows with these people. First of all, at roughly $150 a seat that is an expensive price to see Jack Nicholson from a distance and 2nd this is LA. If you want to see a clebrity then there are a plethora of places around town where you can see celebrities and these places are free.

  • sLAcKERS

    omg cry more, celtics fans. Maybe just try and focus on winning your conference this year instead of wasting your energy hating on a team that’s light-years ahead of yours.


    LOL..sorry Haters.. Lakers win again… stop hating and join the Lakers so your not a loser.

  • KY Celts fan

    how many sorry-ass Lakers fans have nothing better to do than troll the internet and look for ways to say stupid things? I guess it must be easy when you live in a state with 13% unemployment and is about to be the first state in American history to declare bankruptcy. I swear, each time Red or BigMck mention something about Lakers, a whole host of new trolls show up to say something generic. I’ve never been to a Lakers site, because I don’t like listening to ignorant people repeating the same thing over and over again. y’all are like robots.

  • DB

    Well 17 titles to 10 will make you Fakers fans a whiny bitchy bunch, I suppose, LOL

  • DB

    Meaningless…just like in football it depends on WHEN you play the team…a team when it’s 6-0 is counted as stronger than when they stumble later in the season and are 10-25…nice try anyway, dipshit! LOL
    And your 4 roadies=CUPCAKE

  • Fakers trolls have been hiding in the weeds waiting to pounce on a new post…lmfao..great stuff..

  • DB

    No kidding, when you live in a fucking hell-hole like California, they obviously are huge losers that spend more time trolling on Celtics boards and pages than their own…some “huge fans”…more like scum! LOL

  • DB

    Yep…it’s instant (unintentional) comedy gold…watching retarded idiots (which is a compliment to them) make complete and utter jackasses and fools out of themselves, is the best entertainment money can’t buy!

  • Joseph

    I think the mere fact that the Laker “trolls”, as you Suckdic fans call them, constantly visit this site and contribute by defending their beloved Lakers further demonstrate that Laker fans are the best fans in the league. No other NBA team has fans that will religiously visit their hated rival’s web site on a consistent basis to defend their team. Only the Lakers have this.
    In addition, if you ever watch Laker away games, at least 15% of that crowd are Laker fans. You can see Laker purple and gold throughout the building and you can hear the Laker fans after the Lakers score. No other team has this.
    The Lakers are the most popular franchise in the NBA with the most fans. No one can deny this. Just face it Suckdic fans, you guys are not the best fans in the league.

  • 1. That tattoo is horrible. No self-respecting Angeleno would have an “Angels” tattoo. The Angels are not from L.A., they exist behind the Orange Curtain.
    2. “No kidding, when you live in a fucking hell-hole like California…” is one of the dumber comments in this thread. Comparing cities and/or states is just dumb. It has nothing to do with sports.
    3. “Suckdic” is a sophomoric insult that has been around far too long on this site. You Laker fans need some new material.

  • Albert

    you wouldn’t even be able to afford to get into a Laker game, LMAO at you

  • Albert

    Lakers will destroy the little green elves this year….believe that!

  • ThatSportsBabe

    For the record, I’ve never left early from one game ever in my life. It’s unAmerican, for starters….. and you miss out on the tacos.
    Secondly, I’m a big Andrew Bynum junkie. Have been since the day he roofed Shaq on Xmas Day. I’ll never forget seeing that from the 11th row as long as I LIVE.
    Lastly, god, can’t we all just get along? LOL

  • KY Celts fan

    Going a Celtics site and calling them the “Suckdics” (which is the WORST team parody name ever!) and saying “Kobe rules!” is hardly defending a franchise. It’s moronic and juvenile. I seriously don’t believe there is a Lakers fan older than 15. Same with Cavs fans. And if you are older than 15, than it is really just sad that you still act this way.
    And anybody can be a troll. It’s not specific to Lakers fans. They are just the most prolific on this site since y’all are the rivals. A C’s fan on a Lakers site is also a troll.

  • cheekmeister

    they have “lakers suck” on google alert

  • Rick Fox

    Do you recall Celtic fans chanting “MVP” repeatedly when Kobe was playing in Boston a few years ago? A lot of Celtic fans weren’t so brash before McHale and Ainge made the Garnett trade and Ray came along. After winning one championship many of the Celtic fans have forgotten the no so great years since the Bird, McHale and Chief days. You’d think the Celtics wond 5 championships in a row the way some of their fans talk $#!7. You got a very good team and a great franchise. It’s so good you don’t need to talk so much $#!7.

  • Lakers are a lot better than the celts this year which Baahston fans will see New Years Eve. I watch every game that I possibly can and I’d like to think that my B-Ball IQ is quite sufficient….thank u very much. You Baahston guys are just pissed that you will get owned by us this year. We will dominate both times we play you and I cannot wait.

  • Kingj77

    I don’t see what the big deal is…all of these types of lists are subjective at best. So what? If Boston was number #1, I wouldn’t give a shit. However, to say Laker fans lack basketball IQ has got to be the most ignorant statement made. Come to LA during the OFFSEASON and listen to sports talk radio in August. You will see that the airwaves are dominated by Laker talk. Furthermore, we’ve seen plenty of basketball since 1980; the ups and downs, different styles of play (run/gun vs. triangle), Shaq vs. Kobe, Riley, Phil, playoff mediocrity, 3 peats, and a return to glory; too much happened here to not be an educated basketball fan by default. For the record, I’ve been a Laker fan since 1987 and cannot wait for a rematch of Lakers-Celtics. The Celitcs don’t “suck,” they are a worthy opponent and the only team who can defeat the Lakers in a 7 game series. As a Laker fan, this is great…this is what it’s all about.

  • Leif

    yeah… well half of the boston “fans” today are only there because of the BIG BAD 3 or whatever. If kevin garnett and ray allen never came to boston then the celtics would still be the same old losers. with 8,000 (maximum) Fans showing up to games just to watch their team get spanked. But hey, the term bandwagon is a familiar term in boston right? Maybe the bruins can get ovechkin and crosby to get along and somehow sign them to some contracts!

  • CelticsHater

    Celtics fans really SMELL BAD! I was at a game and man do they ever take showers?
    Only in LA baby you see class and stars and $hit! Shut up Boston fans! Can’t wait till we face you thid season.
    These fans that claim to be die hard, high IQ fans, these are the same fans that CHEERED MVP for Kobe back in 2006. A whole bunch of LOSER BANDWAGONNERS!! SHUT UP ALREADY. GO LAKERS. the world champions!!!!

  • CelticsHater

    And Kevin Garnett pisses me off with this whole bullcrap chest thumping crap!!! Al 3 of your senior citizen will retire at the same time and the SMELLTICS will be back to a sucky stinky dump of a franchise like you had been for the last 20 years!!! hehe. Who’s gonna carry you? Alien Rondo, ugly thug wannabe coward perkins? big fat baby? or eddy house who cannot handle the ball to save his life?
    hehe! We shall see soon. And even with the seniors onboard, you will not make the ECF! Guaransheed like dumb a$$ rasheed wallace used to say!

  • tonichi

    Yeah, try counting the Chinese fans.

  • pats

    no disrespect sir. im a laker fan and i know my basketball. what sucks is that you think every boston fan knows their basketball IQ? cmon man, 3 years ago when you guys did not have KG and ALLEN boston was cheering MVP to kobe. theres also a lot of bandwagoners in your city dude! and im not gonna say we dont, every great team. its just for some people lakers are the safe bet because the winning tradition goes on. the true laker fans know out team and know our basketball. you say were 22 in the basketball IQ? cmon man, have balls to say you hate the lakers because were a great team and that your jealous of the success that we have. at least im one of the laker fan that can say that i hate boston because they are a great team and a threat to the lakers. not you who talks smack about the lakers (and other rivals) and find whats wrong with them. jeez, your celtics are great, and im sure some of the fans too. but man, you guys aint perfect, nobody is.

  • Jako

    Laker fans showing up late and leaving early is a myth perpetrated by baseball media, I have season tickets to Laker games and the only time fans leave early is if were up by 30 with 4 minutes to go, Dodger fans tend to leave early because of the bad location of Dodger stadium with only 1 street for 40K fans to leave from. Anyway as I seem to recall Boston fans were chanting MVP for Kobe 3 years ago, now they jump on the bandwagon what will they do once old man Allen and Garnet retire….??

  • Prometheus

    LA fans dont even know how to cheer their team. Boston fans are so loyal to their team and loud and i hate the celtics!!! Also everyone seems to forget how loud and faithful the trailblazers fans are during the playoffs they had the highest decibal rating!

  • ajhidel

    Of course this is not scientific, but who are the best fans is in the mind of the beholder anyway. I dont see any fans leaving early from Staples; it costs too damn much to attend a game. Getting there late is a hazard due to the heavy traffic which is why you have to come real early or end up delayed. Get over your envy . . .
    you could say Boston and it still wouldnt mean didley.

  • Chispas

    Cali a hellhole??? WTF!! Ur not only a Laker Hater but a Cali Hater???I guess ur team color shitty green suits u well….The Champs are going to smash u lil clovers just like they did last year…

  • Chispas

    Hell yeah!! No Angeleno would have that O.C crap on them. For that tat to be correct it would have to an LA dodger logo.

  • pats

    you know whats funny? your finals mvp paul pierce was a laker fan. and he even knows people down here bleeds purple and gold. im sure if he had a choice hell play here in LA. even KG wants to play here. because the LAKERS are the most popular team in the nba. so deal with it.

  • Jerry

    Actually, idiot, they’re 2-2 prior to tonight’s game in Chicago. Didn’t have time to check before you wrote. What kind of fan are you? If they real IQ into the mix, whoever you root for would be in the dirt.

  • kobe24

    Kobe is Jesus

  • cle23

    Kobe is number 1

  • kobe is friggin jesus christ

  • The Lakers will lay the smackdown on the Cavs on Xmas
    Kobe will dunk on Lefraud and Fat Superman AKA Shaq
    Then the Kobe puppet AKA LiL Kobe will come into the game and dunk on Lebron

  • Ron Artest will make Lebron his biach as he ass rapes him

  • Lebron Sucks the Kobe puppet’s puppet penis

  • BostonPride

    Everything LA and Miami sucks. GO CELTICS! GO RED SOX! GO PATRIOTS! GO BRUINS!