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Perk, Rondo Getting Little All-Star Love

The NBA just released the current tally of All-Star votes. Here's the Eastern Conference numbers:

Forwards: LeBron James (Clev) 649,327; Kevin Garnett (Bos)
; Chris Bosh (Tor) 303,550; Paul Pierce (Bos) 131,379; Josh
Smith (Atl) 109,404; Danny Granger (Ind) 100,122; Andre Iguodala (Phi)
75,146; Michael Beasley (Mia) 58,461; Hedo Turkoglu (Tor) 55,416;
Rashard Lewis (Orl) 46,073; Luol Deng (Chi) 37,428.

Dwyane Wade (Mia) 672,227; Vince Carter (Orl) 292,002; Gilbert Arenas
(Was) 212,526; Ray Allen (Bos) 208,276 Derrick Rose (Chi) 196,059;
Allen Iverson (Phi) 136,976*; Joe Johnson (Atl) 118,964; Rajon Rondo
(Bos) 113,371
; Jose Calderon (Tor) 68,084; Mike Bibby (Atl) 48,935.

Dwight Howard (Orl) 625,279; Shaquille O'Neal (Cle) 206,657; Andrea
Bargnani (Tor) 67,310; Al Horford (Atl) 52,747; Andrew Bogut (Mil)
45,920; Brook Lopez (NJ) 39,420; Jermaine O'Neal (Mia) 38,956; Rasheed
Wallace (Bos) 36,855; Kendrick Perkins (Bos) 19,408
; Brad Miller (Chi)
17,188; Tyson Chandler (Cha) 14,062; Samuel Dalembert, (Phi) 13,969.

While we can celebrate the fact that KG and Paul Pierce are 2nd and 4th among forwards, and Ray is 4th among guards, I find it disgraceful that Kendrick Perkins ranks 9th among centers.

There hasn't been a lot of love for Rondo (8th among guards) either. The 136, 976 people who voted for Allen Iverson should be deported.

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  • Green8Teen

    If I’m not mistaken, Gilbert Arenas was among the top guards last year, despite the fact that he DIDN’T PLAY. The all-star voting is the biggest joke, and I could care less who makes it.

  • Adam Goodman

    Perk has better numbers than Shaq…

  • Shakers

    They should really split the voting into point guards and shooting guards instead of just guards. Same for SF and PF vs. just forward. An All-Star game is only as good as its point guards.

  • Jason

    On the one hand, it’s about the big names, the draws. On the other hand, this proves that the majority of fans are complete idiots.

  • I’ve been voting for our starters (yes I’m a homer, whatever) everyday for what, 2 weeks? That’s 14 votes, so in the case of Rondo there have only been about 8,100 of us voting, less than 1,400 for Perk. Wow…

  • the all star voting is really stupid
    KG and ray shouldnt be in the all star game this year, and rondo should

  • JD

    have you seen KG play over the past few weeks; if he keeps this up (which he will) than he definitely should be in the all star game. jeez, you gotta give the guy some time to get back into the game after major surgery. and i do agree that Rondo should be in the game, but fans are dumbasses because all they look it as scoring and names. neither of those are in favor of Rondo.

  • DRJ

    OBVIOUSLY, the All-Star voting, by the public anyway, is not even a popularity contest. It’s just a name-recognition contest. Meaningless bullshit.
    Note: AI wasn’t even in the league when a lot of these votes were cast. Shaq?… the guy should be on the All-Washed-Up team.
    Personally, I’d rather all our guys stayed home and rested. The only reason for them to go is that they seem to enjoy it, it’s fun for them, and good for their egos I suppose. But really, the ASG is meaningless nonsense.

  • Antoinew

    I don’t think Perk makes it even with the coaches vote. I think Borrk Lopez will get in with Shaq right behind him just on name alone.