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No shot has been sweeter than Sugar Ray’s

Ray allen

Sometimes you need to step away from watching the game as a Celtics fan. 

Sometimes you need to just sit… watch… and soak in someone doing something better than just about anyone else ever has. 

That's how I feel about Ray Allen's jump shot.  And I'm not alone.  SLAM is calling Ray the best shooter of the decade.

Allen is a study in consistency. Whether bursting
off the dribble or brushing off a screen, Allen plants his left foot,
squares his body toward the basket, bends his knees and elevates
straight up – not veering this way nor that. He pumps the basketball
from his torso with his right hand gripping the seams raising the ball
to a crescendo above his head, perfectly between his eyes.  He needs
little time, as his left hand guides the ball before the right wrist
snaps forward, violently, striking a steady, if uncomfortable, pose,
and ensuring optimal backspin all in the matter of a split second as
the ball is sent off on its parabolic journey

Tonight, Ray needs just 7 of those jumpers to fall to score 14 points and join the 20,000 point club,  Who knows… he might be able to hang around long enough to join the 25,000 point club.  And if he does, he'd like to do it here in Boston.

”It’s a great situation here,” said Allen, who has not missed a game this season and is second in scoring and minutes, both to Paul Pierce.
”I’m a loyal individual. I don’t look at it like, ‘what other teams
have cap space and all that.’ My agent will keep me informed as to
other potential situations, I’m sure. But this is what I know. My house
is here in Boston. I want to do everything I can to make sure I stay
here and finish my career out.”

There’s also an added incentive for Allen to try and work something
out with the Celtics, beyond the basketball. His son, Walker, was
diagnosed with juvenile diabetes during the 2008 NBA Finals and is
treated at a world-class facility in Boston. Allen knows how critical
that is; Walker had to be hospitalized just before a recent Celtics
road trip, resulting in Allen nearly missing the Nov. 29 game in Miami.

”My family is comfortable here,” Allen said. ”My son with the diabetes, that’s important. Obviously, I want to be here.”

The question's been asked here before.  If you give Ray 3 more years… what's fair?  As Peter May notes… Jason Kidd just got 3 years, $25 million.  Are you willing to give Ray $8 million per for the next 3 years?

I hope he and the C's work something out.  He's not quite the player he used to be… but he's still impressive.

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    Too bad the C’s are going to be on the road next 3 games. Would have been nice to see him pass 20,000 at home.

  • hurdler

    This decade ends in 21 days. Ray is quickly on his way to becoming “streaky” and soon “average”. I prefer a trade now that we know Rondo’s salary figure for the future. If not, one year at a time.

  • paul

    He’s streaky. But he’s worth 6 million per year after this year. let’s face it, the bulls series speaks for itself