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Dwight Howard Spits on Balls

Chuck - Red's Army December 10, 2009 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Dwight Howard Spits on Balls

Via Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle:

On Saturday night, I learned that Dwight Howard spits on the ball.

Every time a Warriors player went to the line to shoot two, after the first free-throw try, the Orlando Magic's  massive center asked the ref for the ball, spit on it and flipped it back to the ref. Seriously.

"I'm just blowing on it," Howard fibbed with a smile when I asked him about it after the game. "I'm putting a spell on them."

It could be worse, I guess, considering Dwight's penchant for whipping it out.

In all seriousness, this disgusting act warrants action by the league office. No fine or suspension, just a reprimand. It's flu season after all.

(h/t Ball Don't Lie, Sporting News)

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  • Doc

    He’s not spitting on the ball! He’s blowing on it like he said. If the refs thought he was spitting on it you think they’d let him get away with that? They’d put a stop to it. Get real!

  • I don’t get why the refs even give him the ball? Why the hell does he need to touch it?