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Your Morning Dump… Where rebounding might not be a big problem

Celtics rebounding

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“I thought there was one stretch in the fourth quarter where you could
physically see bodies on bodies,’’ said Rivers. “And we got all the
rebounds. And we’ve just got to get better at it. We’ve always been a
good rebounding team over the last couple of years, and right now we’re
not. It’s that simple. And we can get away with winning now, but we’re
not going to win in the long term if we don’t start rebounding.’’

Bob Ryan, Globe, – An impressive closing argument in a most perplexing court case

“Our bigs are doing a great job, putting a body on their big men,” said captain Paul Pierce.
‘It’s a problem with the guards. We have to do a better job of coming
back and helping the bigs, especially on the long rebounds. That’s
where we get beat the most, on the long rebound issue.

“Between me, Ray (Allen) and (Rajon) Rondo we have to do a better job on that.”

Herald – Celtics Notebook

Watching it in person last night was even more frustrating than watching it at home.  There were a couple of possessions where you saw everyone just standing around when the shot went up.  They literally just stood there.  And then Milwaukee swooped in, grabbed the board, and scored.

Things did change in the 4th.  So the C's simply turn it on and off whenever the want.  Paul can try to take the blame off his big men, but he's only half right.  Everyone has to do a better job.  This is simply a case of lack of effort.  End of story.

Up next, Page 2… where KG is feeling great… and shooting out of his mind

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

“Really I’m not even paying attention to my shot," said Garnett. "I
just know it feels good. I feel great, I feel a lot more explosive.
Everything I’m doing in the course of the offense is nothing sparkly,
it's nothing shiny, it's nothing glossy. I’m just going out there
trying to get chances to score, opportunities to be effective. I’m
trying to take advantage of them. Other than that, my mindset is more
defensive than offensive right now. I'm not even thinking about the
offensive end, to be honest with you.

"But it does feel good coming off my hand and I’m just trying to be aggressive.”

ESPN Boston – KG: Nothing shiny, nothing glossy

Nothing has changed about KG's game at all.  He's playing the same game as he was when he looked bad earlier in the season.  He's still primarily taking jump shots.  But you want to know what's really amazing?

Ever since the Knicks game, he is shooting 74.3%.  He's shooting 70% in the month of December. 

That's ridiculous.  KG may or may not be "back"… but he'll cool off from the field at some point.  He can't keep this up.

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  • As you said yesterday…Get a hand up in the shooters face! Challenge a shot and you will generate misses and hopefully get MORE rebounds. They were flat on the defensive end for most of the night.

  • Absolutely agree with doc, in the long run this team isnt gonna win if the rebounding doesnt get better, because thats basically the most important stat in the playoffs.
    the good thing, i have confidence it will get better..
    Good game last night, KG continues to shoot the ball well, because he continues to get wide open shots and easy put ins at the basket from rajon rondo, same with Perkins. those 3 are playing terrific right now

  • JD

    Thats a great picture

  • It was cool meeting you last night. And yes, as we both saw from our seats, their were several instances where the C’s defenders did NOT even raise one arm. Sorry guys, but I saw what I saw. We got outrebounded on the offensive glass 14-5 by an inferior team. Granted, Bogut is talented and a decent rebounder, but if we continue to let teams rule the glass, especially offensive glass, we are in for a rude awakening. I have faith though that Doc, Thibs and Clifford Ray will get these guys to do a better job out there…