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Win Tickets to the next Celtics/Hawks game

Red's Army is proud to be partnering with for a great ticket giveaway called the "Tickets For Charity Starting 5 sweepstakes".

They've been asking questions on their Facebook and Twitter pages… and people with the correct answers get entered into the contest where you could win
amazing lower-level seats (only 9 rows from the court!) for you and a buddy to
see the Celtics battle the Hawks on January 11.

This is where Red's Army comes in.  The next question is ours. 

On Friday, I will reveal which Celtics I think will make the All Star team.  Which 3 Celtics do you think will be on the list?

Remember, to answer the question, go the Tickets For Charity Facebook and Twitter pages.  You have until tipoff of tomorrow's game to enter.  There are two more questions coming later in the month… so be sure to check back here for those too.  Each correct answer to a question gives you another entry.

Official Rules of the Stating 5 Sweepstakes can be found here.

And if you need tickets to a Celtics game… don't go to some ticket broker.  Go to the TFC Celtics page.  They have great seats available for all home games… AND the markup doesn't go into some guy's pockets.  It goes to the Celtics Shamrock Foundation and other charities of your choice. 

So don't line the pockets of some ticket broker to get to a game… go to and buy your tickets through them.  You're getting great seats and you're helping a good cause.  As an added bonus, they also have tickets to concerts, shows and other pro sports, so check them out.

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  • trav

    Wow, Quis is out 6-8 weeks after undergoing surgery on his thumb. Perfect timing after that article yesterday on his inability to stay healthy.

  • G4L

    This is awesome.. My birthday is the 12th so I was planning on going to this game anyways so hopefully I’ll win!!

  • Well.. good luck. That would be an awesome gift!
    We’re doing two more questions before the give away… so you’ll have two more chances to enter even if you don’t get this question right.