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What the Daniels Injury Means to the Rotation

Marquis Daniels passed along the following message via his Twitter account:

Thanx 4 everyones
prayers my surgery went well, I'll be back better than before I had
been, I'd like to say thanks to all dat prayed 4me

Upon hearing the news that the Celtics swingman was going to miss 6-8 weeks after having surgery to repair a torn thumb ligament, my initial reaction was – "Surgery? I thought it was a sore thumb?"

My second reaction was – "Aww sh!t, this means Tony Allen is going to get more time."

Even though Daniels was underachieving a bit (20 mpg, 5.7 ppg, 2 rpg, 2 apg), he's a vital role player off the bench. Because of his versatility, Doc can't just plug one guy into his role.

Here's how I see this injury affecting other guys:

Tony Allen – He's the first choice to get more minutes. He can spell both Ray and Paul and in case of emergency, he can dribble the ball up court with his knuckles and run the point. Defensively, especially in man-to-man situations, Tony is an upgrade over Daniels. However, while Marquis was a steady player, Allen has ups-and-downs like no other.

Eddie House – He'll have to play more time at the point and this could affect his shot. The luxury of Daniels is his ability to bring the ball up the court, and set up the offense. Often time, he would penetrate and kick the ball out to Eddie on the wing. Expect to see more teams pressure Eddie, and this could slow down the plays. Doc may squeeze more minutes out of Rondo and pair him with House.

Lester Hudson/J.R. Giddens – If Allen is a disaster, Doc could turn to either one of these guys.

Brian Scalabrine – He might get a few more minutes at small forward.

Paul Pierce/Ray Allen – More minutes for both. Ugh.

While this injury isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of winning a title, it will put a ripple in their recent streak of great play. Quis was just settling in, getting familiar to sets and his teammates. And they were doing the same with him.

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  • Lex

    bill walker

  • G4L

    I have a funny feeling that TA will get on one of those good streaks while covering for Quis & then the Saga/lovefest with TA will start all over again.. but I won’t get fooled… he is what he is.. an athletic streaky injury prone player! If that situation does play out the C’s should trade him.

  • Walk

    Fully agree…this is the time for Bill to show up. Plus, wouldn’t we rather keep JR as our top bench cheerleader?

  • Green8Teen

    Couldn’t agree more. I really hope he plays well until ‘quis gets back so some team will want him (he’s also an expiring contract, which is probably more valuable this year to most teams). I would also like to see Bill Walker get some meaningful time with ‘quis out, he seems more of his mold than TA is. He’s been lighting it up in the D-league too from what I’ve heard.

  • I agree… sell high.
    Funny… I just wrote something up on TA from last night about how he didn’t suck. I’ll post it at 4:30

  • I’m really not ready for the return of the Tony Allen Sessions. Kid makes more mistakes than Tiger Woods. His inconsistency is incredible.

  • Lex

    Hopefully, Walker will be recalled, and they’ll all have an opportunity to produce

  • Please don’t increase PP’s or Ray’s minutes.. please.
    I’d like to see what kind of game Hudson has. He can dribble it up and leave E House available for the shot. Maybe not in a critical situation to start but he looks capable of bringing it up the floor consistently.
    Yes, it’s crazy.. but not as crazy as increasing TA’s minutes in my opinion.