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Tony Allen wasn’t horrible… which is a good start

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Maybe it's a case of very low expectations… but I actually saw a couple of things that I liked out of Tony Allen last night.

Alright, let me clarify. 

This is definitely a case of extremely low expectations, because I saw some things out of Tony Allen that didn't make me taste my own bile.

His line from last night was… oh, let's go with… "underwhelming".  6 minutes, an assist, a rebound, no points and a couple of turnovers.


One turnover came on an aggressive move to the basket that resulted in a charge call.  He wasn't out of control.  It was more good defense than a bad decision. 

The assist came on a play where Tony has, in the past, made a bad decision.  Instead of forcing a shot or putting his head down and either dribbling it off his foot or bowling someone over, he made the extra pass.

Am I reaching a bit to praise Tony Allen?  Probably.  Am I trying to convince myself that he might be able to hold the fort for the next two months until Marquis Daniels comes back?  Maybe.  Am I being lazy by resorting to the "ask your self a question and then answer it" cliche so you can get to your main point.  Definitely.

I'm kinda going with the old Mr. Burns line when I look at Tony Allen's performance last night.  "I know what I hate… and I don't hate this."  Tony Allen didn't suck last night.  Part of it might be because he didn't play enough to suck.  But part of it is because he made some decent decisions out there in his limited time. 

I don't know what that's going to mean down the road. I don't even know what that's going to mean for tomorrow night's game.  But positive Tony Allen stories are few and far between nowadays… so let's just savor the moment.

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  • Danno

    One of the Turnovers credited to Tony was actually Eddie house’s fault, the pass taht went into the stands. Eddie was open in the corner and tony whipped it over to him but eddie wasn’t paying attention because he was missing shots and pissed at himself and the ball sailed right by him.
    Scal also made a good drive and dish by Tony become a turnover.
    You’re right he wasn’t horrible. the way Daniels has been playing lately, I was hoping to see more of TA last night.

  • G4L

    Oh brother here we go again!

  • Nick

    Bottom Fucking line is that Doc is a prick and u know he’s gona want to throw House and Rondo out there 2gether at times because he is a stupid fool, who values knowledge and team concept ahead of skills and that is why He pisses me off. Like last year when he insisted on putting us in a disadvantage by pairing up House and Marbury for long stretches. Its so fucking dumb I don’t get it but Y doesn’t he just use House now as the backup P.G and give Marquis’ minutes to Giddens and Allen? I think J.R looks good every time we out him in, but as we know Doc don’t play anyone who is young and talented. He did it 2 Gerald Green. He did it with Big Al until it was so painfully obvious that he had no choice, and he did it to J.R and Bill Walker. Get ur head out of ur ass Doc. WTF do people see in Eddie House? I was so disgusted when we resigned him and I am a DIE-HARD celtic fan. I hope if we ever have 2 rebuild again DOC IS LONGGGGG GONE

  • Jason

    Sorry, wrong. Everyone could see that charge coming. It was classic stupid, out-of-control TA.

  • Danno

    Nick is all kinds of retarded today.

  • green8teen

    I’d say there’s bits of truth in everything you said but overall, you’re grossly over exaggerating his faults. House doesn’t play PG because…he’s not a PG!?! Teams press him and he has no idea what to do and doesn’t have the speed/dribbling skill to get it up-court. House is a perfect backup shooting guard, nothing more. Also, are you implying Gerald Green could have been a good player? What has he done since he left here? Nothing. I also don’t know why you think Giddens looks good out there. He doesn’t look bad or anything, but I would never have said he looks “good.”

  • DRJ

    Let’s see… 5-6 minutes, 2 fouls, 2 TOs, 0 points, one boneheaded pass out of bounds, one boneheaded out-of-control charge. Puhlease. I suppose he could have been worse… could have thrown the ball directly to the other team.
    I’m gonna repeat Aristophanes’ classic line: Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered… but STUPID LASTS FOREVER. I’m tellin ya — TA will never, ever, be adequate. His problem lasts forever.

  • DRJ

    I agree with Nick’s disgust with Doc… mostly because he absolutely refuses to give Hudson any significant PT. And I believe Lester has great potential. But Boston has become a rookie graveyard, because Doc just can’t bring himself to give them a fair shot. It’s his biggest flaw.

  • Well, sure we gotta have low expectations with Tony, and we have no other choice but to hope he can help us with this marquis injury…no he wasnt horrible last night, but I can assure u he will have one good play followed by 2 horrible ones pretty consistently..
    As far as doc being an idiot playing house and rondo? uh, first of all the 2nd unit has no PG, if rondo isnt playing the team is all sorts of sloppy and out of rhythm…The bucks went with a backcourt of Jennings/ridnour…. Doc countered it with Rondo/House…this allows house to play with a true pg and not kill us defensivly…perfectly smart coaching decision

  • I agree with your previous post, very funny.
    But again with this lester hudson and rookie graveyard nonsense.
    If the rookie is ready and they like what they see from in practice, he will play…especially considering we have no legit backup pg.
    Bottom line is an out of shape rookie by the name of glen davis played significant minutes for a title team coached by doc rivers…which refutes ur statement

  • FSantos33

    “We Talkin’ Bout’ TA” …
    “We sittin’ here I’m supposed to be
    the franchise fan and we in here
    talkin’ bout’ TA”…
    “Not a game, not a game,
    we talkin’ bout’ TA”….
    “How the hell can TA make his
    Teammates better by playing”….

  • DRJ

    As I recall, even Glen didn’t get a whole lot of PT in his first year. Only when Perk went down did he see significant minutes. It wasn’t till his 2nd year (last season) that he saw real minutes.
    I’m not saying Lester is a great player. I’m saying he seems to have real potential… works hard on D, has a great shot, very aggressive to the hoop, quick, etc. #2 scorer in the nation in his senior year. Willing learner. Guy like that should be getting PT RIGHT NOW… to see if he can contribute later.
    Meanwhile, all over the league coaches are giving their rookies their shots and many of them are doing great. Heck, Jennings is already the leader of his team.
    I’m convinced that this is Doc’s biggest flaw, and that yes, Boston has become a rookie graveyard because of him.

  • DRJ

    Good one :))

  • Theres a big difference in other teams 1st rounders and lottery picks playing on bad teams then a 24 yr old rookie 57th pick on a title contender
    And Glen Davis didnt get “serious” burn his rookie year, but he played close to a 1000 regular season minutes, and if u remember correctly came up big in Detroit and against the spurs at home guarding tim duncan, his rookie year.
    Last season he got more significant time due to lack of depth..
    All that said, i wish Hudson was truly ready or as good as u think he is and could play right now in the pros, cuz we need a backup PG…but there the ones watching the practices

  • I love how one post that gave Tony Allen backhanded compliments draws so much reaction

  • DRJ

    I have a vision of you holding your nose while typing that post… like a guy scraping the bottom of a barrel of shit looking for some tiny straw of hope…. 🙂
    Anyway, I doubt there’s anyone who wouldn’t welcome a trade that moves TA elsewhere.

  • You are long gone Nick
    Doc Values Knowledge and team concept over skill?
    what skill? JR Giddens and Lester Hudson?
    lmao eddie house been great for this celtic team since hes been here, and the homerish fascination with d league scrubs is laughable