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Rondo’s getting closer…

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It's a small step.  A baby step. 

But Rajon Rondo shot 5 of 7 from the line last night.  

From where I was sitting… you could see the tiny little twitches in his shot.  The little move he makes with his right hip to seemingly get this arm in line.  You could see his elbow move out of whack on the misses… and not-so-much on the makes. 

You can see Rondo is working on it.  Thinking hard about it.  Trying like hell to make his too-large-for-his-body joints work in unison like they're supposed to.  The giant hands and gangly arms work wonders for him as he curls and slithers and fakes his way past guys before flicking a pass with enough spin on it to make Jeanette Lee jealous. 

But it all works against him when he's trying to to line up a shot.

So he shifts a little.  Thinks a little more.  And then launches. 

I'm telling everyone the same thing I've been saying since training camp.  Rajon Rondo is getting closer.  He's dialing in.   He's finding something that works. 

Soon, he'll stop thinking… and he'll stop having to try so hard.  He'll just get up there, and do his thing.  And THEN… then he'll be real trouble.

Like a wise man once said…

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  • Vic De Zen

    He’ll get it. His shot doesn’t LOOK bad, and, like you said, he just needs to keep at it and eventually he won’t have to think about it at all.

  • Spiraea

    Is it just me or is Tony Allen’s free throw shot very similar to Rondo’s? Never really paided that much attention till last night

  • Tony Allen kinda flings his shot. He brings it back so it’s almost flat in his hand and then the follow through is kind of exaggerated.
    I don’t like it.

  • Jason

    Getting to the line a time or two a night doesn’t do much in terms of getting that feeling, that experience. Getting to the line consistently allows him to get a better feel. I think 7 FTs in the 4th were excellent stepping stones for him. And the two he missed were short, not wide. Yes, it’s definitely coming along.
    It seems to me, if he wanted to (or if Doc let him), he could get to the line 10 times a night. Since later (playoffs) is more meaningful than now, I would think it’s a good strategy to force Rondo to be more selfish. I love his pure PG mentality and I’m sure his teammates do too, but sometimes I feel Doc should say “Ok, we’ve run Ray off screens, we’ve gotten KG four open Js. You’ve dropped Perk a couple of easy ones. Now it’s your turn to carry the offense for a stretch. For the next five minutes, I want you to attack the hoop relentlessly even if you are forcing the action. Create as much contact as you can, too. Finish strong and knock down a bunch of FTs” or “We’re going to keep running the screen, but if they drop under the screen, don’t even think, just stroke a jumper.”
    This is kind of like BBD last year. Keep taking it, get the reps, go through the in-game trials and hopefully it will pay dividends in the coming months.

  • Yea Rondo should be back to his normal self in no time. I mean come on. Look at the video John posted. Rondo is getting trained by Yoda and will use those levitation powers to put the ball in the basket. No worries Celts fans.