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“He doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time”

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Here's the best part of Doc Rivers on WEEI today:

Is Kevin really, truly angry on the floor?

It’s more of his look. He’s not really angry, he’s intense. He’s a
tough guy to describe because off the court he’s one of the more
wonderful people you could ever be around. But on the court he’s into a
zone, I’ve got to tell you I don’t think as a player I ever got to.
It’s an amazing state that he gets himself into. You’ve probably seen
him before games he doesn’t talk. He has more game preparation than any
athlete I’ve ever been around, and to me, that’s what allows him to
play at the level that he plays at.

He hits the ground running. Five seconds into the game he’s screaming at [Andrew] Bogut before he even gets down the floor.

It’s funny, I hear when we go in different cities about Kevin’s
trash talking. I guarantee you he doesn’t know what he’s saying half
the time and they don’t either.

Is it ever funny?

Who knows. I don’t listen to it. I hear it, but I have no idea what
he’s saying. He is intense. He has this theory that the world is
against him and his team and he really believes that on the floor. I
love that. I think it’s good for him. I think it’s healthy for him.

And that, folks, is a journey into the mind of Kevin Garnett.

Among other things discussed in the interview: the C's rebounding problems, Tim Donaghy, Glen Davis' weight and rehab… and the one purchase Doc made as a player that he regrets.

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • green8teen

    KG is the man. The guy has been my favorite non-Celtic since the 90’s. Nothing that people say about his intensity ever surprises me. Anyone see the interview he did with John Thompson when he was still with the Wolves? His emotions in the interview gave me chills.

  • JD

    What a great interview, I have never, ever seen a person with as much passion as KG, it is both mind blowing and inspiring.

  • Does he really thinks that the world hates him and his team? Well if that so, I think that’s a good motivation to himself. He thinks like that and then he plays like a monster in every time he’s on the court and proving his critics that they should want them.
    Good luck to KG and to the rest of the Celtics team. Lakers are on the good roll right now but I believe that they can pass that before the season ends. Anyway, they’re only behind by 1 loss so I’m still comfortable on their situation.