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Enemy Chatter: “He took it to our rookie pretty good.”


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Milwaukee.

"Every time we got close we kind of hurt ourselves," Scott Skiles said.
"But it's another game where our opponent shoots over 50%. It's hard to
overcome that, and we lose the free-throw battle again.

stat sheets are starting to look awful similar every game. That's a
great club and we were able to hang in there. We had way too many
busted coverages and let them go wherever they wanted to go. Rondo was
in the paint on us all night long.

"We tried to make several adjustments. He took it to our rookie (Jennings) pretty good."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Boston Takes Over Behind Rondo

Unfortunately, in crunch time the Celtics simply played like the
Celtics.  And the Bucks, well, they played like you'd expect the Bucks
to play on the road against the league's best defense.  After Delfino
found Ilyasova surprisingly open for a layup to tie it at 86, Rondo
(40% ft shooting coming in) hit a pair of freebies and stuck a
mid-range jumper shortly thereafter.  It was the capper on a big
quarter for Rondo, who scored all 11 of his points in the decisive
period, including 5/7 from the stripe.  Bogut then turned it over on
consecutive possessions, and Garnett dumped a righty hook over Ilyasova
to extend the Boston to lead to 93-86.  Ballgame.

The Bucks certainly worked hard, but Rondo was seemingly able to draw
the extra defender at will, forcing the Bucks to leave either Perkins
open under the basket or Garnett open on the perimeter.  And even
though Rondo was basically no threat to score himself most of the
night, he made almost no mistakes finding his talented teammates (13
dimes, one turnover).  Whether it was the screener or someone setting
up shop in the corner, Rondo's vision was tremendous and he's got the
teammates to make him look good.

Brew Hoop

Rajon Rondo showed why he is a legitimate top flight NBA point guard
and why Bucks PG Brandon Jennings still has a bit of a ways to go. 
Most of  the Bucks produced somewhere on par with their Celtic
counterparts except Jennings who was badly outproduced by the
statistical machine known as Rajon. 

Bucks Diary – A Statistical Beatdown at the PG Position

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  • FSantos33

    Yes, Rondo outplayed Jennings last night. BJ has one move Rondo should do more of…. Running floater. Even Tommy said all night long “That’s his shot”. If Rondo can consistently make the running floater it can only make RR’s game more dangerous.

  • The Truth is Here

    They never said the rookie of the year could defend.