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Brendan Haywood aka Mr. Sensitivity


The Wizards Brendan Haywood offered up his opinion on the Tiger Woods fiasco:

"All I'm saying is that Elin better be glad she's married to Tiger Woods instead of Chris Brown or this whole story could've been reported differently!"

That's great advice, telling a woman victimized by infidelity that she's lucky she wasn't beaten? And I thought our supportive gesture to Elin was crass.

This isn't the first time Haywood's opinion has got him into trouble. Remember the anti-gay comments he spewed following Stephon Marbury's bizarre appearances on Ustream?

(Via Deadspin, Yardbarker)

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  • G4L

    Clearly this guy is an idiot & is that a guy in the pink?!
    P.S. Is it wrong to ask to put up some pictures of Elin Woods up?

  • Jason

    Notice the pink shirt has a stain. Classy.

  • Bigmck

    Yes its wrong. But click on the link in the story to see the ones I posted yesterday.

  • Lmao……wowww…

  • that looks like me during my 3rd bacholor party (sub talk black guy with fat balding white guy) and all of the girls (strippers in my case) have their teeth.

  • ooops sub TALL Black guy not talk…..What happened to the edit on this?