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The Morning Dump… Where Ray Gets Defensive


morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

Since arriving in Boston three years
ago, Allen has drastically improved his defensive reputation and worked
arduously to blend into coach Doc Rivers’s help-oriented
defensive system. Assigned to some of the league’s top shooting guards,
Allen put special emphasis on stopping dribble penetration and
contesting jump shots.

While Allen has been working to end his perimeter struggles, his defense is peaking and that is not lost on Rivers.

funny you noticed because we were kidding with him that I thought it
was one of his better games,’’ Rivers said of the Oklahoma City game.
“And San Antonio as well on [Manu] Ginobili at
times. What we want him to do as much as possible is to keep the ball
square and then contest shots and I thought he did both. Harden, I
don’t think, got a shot off without a hand in his face. He was right in
his face. When Ray does that, it brings another dimension to our

Ray Allen has scored more than 15 points in just 9 of the Celtics 20 games. His three point shooting stands at 32%, 7 points lower than his career average. In his last 17 games, he's hit more than one three, just 4 times. Hell, his free throw percentage is a pedestrian 93% (j/k). While I appreciate his defensive efforts, this team needs Ray to bomb away and score. Am I worried about those offensive numbers? Not yet…

On page 2, why Brandon Jennings might hold a grudge against Italians.

“People don’t want to talk about it because they don’t want to hurt
any relationships over there, but the Italians really badmouthed the
(heck) out of him,” one NBA personnel man said. “You should have heard
the litany of criticisms from over there. He’s overrated. He’s too
flashy. He’s careless with the ball. He can’t defend. It was
unbelievable. I’m thinking, ‘Are they talking about the same kid?’

“We weren’t in a position to draft him, but when we talked about
him, our European scout started repeating all these things. I couldn’t
believe it.”

“That’s the real killer in all this,” a league source said. “I can’t
believe New York missed on him. . . . Just think what this kid could
have done for the Knicks. Those fans know and love the game, and
(Jennings) would have saved that team.”

Herald – Young Buck Runs Wild

Who knows what went on overseas, maybe it was a clash of cultures and/or personalities. Bottom line – Jennings is a stud and the Knicks blew a chance to have him. I'm excited to see this kid play tonight. He'll probably shoot poorly and try to do too much against the Celts, but it will be fun.

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  • I think Ray has been and will continue to be the weakest point defensively in the starting lineup…. rondo gets blasted if his man gets by him…ray hasnt stayed in front of his man all year, and we have an article praising his D?
    Yeah, the effort is there, ill praise that, but he cant defend many players in the league

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I gotta admit, I believed all the negativity around him. His stats, mixed with his age, mixed with that video with that rapper….I believed he would stink in the NBA. And I’m happily eating my words. I think he’s an incredible talent that’s a blast to watch. I can’t wait to see Rajon handle him.

  • Tim Donaghy was just on the Dennis and Callhan show on WEEI…very interesting interview, some comments on doc rivers and sheed…worth a listen