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Nearly Done in By Bogut

Chuck - Red's Army December 8, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Nearly Done in By Bogut


The Celtics ran their winning streak to 8 with tonight's 98-89 win over the Bucks. The Celts pulled away late in the 4th quarter (12-3 run to close the game) thanks to some great play by Rajon Rondo and clutch baskets by Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

The Bucks – mainly Andrew Bogut – played the Cs extremely tough. Bogut dominated Kendrick Perkins with an array of lefty hooks and various low-post moves. He finished with 25 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists. Milwaukee outrebounded the Celtics 44-to-35, including 14 offensive boards.

Rondo (11 points, 13 assists, 9 rebounds, 5 steals, 5-7 FTs) carried the play in the 4th. The game was tied at 86 with 5 minutes left. Here are the sequence of plays that lead to a 10-2 run over a 4 minute span.

  • Rondo makes two free throws
  • Rondo dishes to Perk, he gets fouled makes 1-of-2 FTs
  • Rondo makes 19-foot jumper
  • Rondo dishes to KG, he makes 6-foot jumper
  • Rondo dishes to Ray, he nails 25-foot three pointer

Kevin Garnett finished with 25 points (9-13 FG), 9 rebounds.

Rasheed Wallace (13 points, 3-4 3FG) was the only effective bench player. Tony Allen had 0 points, 2 turnovers in 5 minutes.

Brandon Jennings (17 points, 7-19 FG) had a decent game. To be honest, I expected a lot more.

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"We can get away with winning now, but we're not going to win in the long term if we don't start rebounding." – Doc Rivers

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  • DRJ

    I don’t know exactly why, but I HATED this game. Or maybe I do know why….
    – Hated the whole first half. Pathetic basketball.
    – The Bucks are a pretty bad team. Jennings is still a rookie, and it shows. Long way from great yet. Shouda been a blowout.
    – Hated the way Eddie was a missed-shot machine. Give it to Eddie boys, you’re GUARANTEED 0 points.
    – Hated the refs and their ridiculous bogus foul calls. One time Bogut literally pushed KG out of his way, and… foul on KG. ASSHOLES.
    – HATE HATE HATED watching that king of all morons, Mr. Tony Allen, actually get playing time. And of course, he proceeded to throw the ball right out of bounds in the 2nd quarter.
    – Hate Doc Rivers for giving Tony The Moron PT, while a potentially good player like Lester Hudson sits and watches game after game.
    – Did Ray have a stroke in the dribbling part of his brain? Why can’t he hold on to his dribble anymore? (Oh, they say he was fouled… ok, maybe, I didn’t see it.)
    – I don’t actually hate Bogut… but let’s face it, the guy is easily the least athletic starter in the NBA. And this nincompoop lights up the Cs for 25 points??
    On the good side, KG and Rondo continue to be great, and PP and Perk were very good too.
    And here’s an interesting number: 17 STEALS for the Cs. 17. In one game.

  • I wouldn’t call Bogut the least athletic starter in the NBA; 7 footer that can iso and handle the way he does? Come on son; Perkins is a big load of muscle with not an ounce of Boguts’ versatility

  • DRJ

    Nah… Bogut’s a big lumbering lug who learned one or two shots. Perk is WAY more athletic than Bogut. Have you been watching him lately?

  • BigMck

    I gotta disagree with you DRJ. Bogut looked extremely smooth in the post tonight.

  • Green8Teen

    DRJ is on the money with just about everything he said (even if the Bogut athleticism comment was an exaggeration). I was thinking all of those things watching the game.
    Come on BigMck, one game doesn’t make you smooth. He made some great (read: lucky) shots, but some games you run into a guy like that. Remember that stiff on the T-wolves who wouldn’t miss against us earlier this season? I don’t even remember his name.

  • DRJ

    I admit to some tongue-in-cheek about Bogut… but not much. Chose my words… not saying he’s the worst starter, or that he doesn’t have a good hook shot… just sayin’… it’s hard for me to think of a less athletic starter in the league.
    And the Bucks… I just can’t work up any respect for them the way they are now. It seemed that the Cs could steal the ball virtually at will. And they did. Lookit… the Bucks had 20 turnovers, 17 of which were steals. They looked like amateurs out there. Our guys played way down to them tonight.