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Case of the Mondays: Lakers Lovefest Makes Me Wanna Puke

Case of the mondays

Mondays suck… even around here.  So we're taking time out on Monday's to make ourselves feel better and rant about something that pisses us off.

Via Johnny Ludden of Yahoo! Sports:

Kobe Bryant’s pass hung in the air for a moment, and then it was gone, disappearing into Andrew Bynum’s giant hands just long enough for him to viciously flush the ball through the rim. The Phoenix Suns’ center, Channing Frye, had raked Bynum with a foul, but no matter. On this night, Frye, like all of the Suns, could only stare hopelessly up at the Los Angeles Lakers.

Hung… giant hands… stare hopelessly…. Is this a column or a love letter?

It took Mrs. Bryant Ludden 17 paragraphs to mention that Phoenix was coming off the second game of a back-to-back and that the Lakers had played the cushiest schedule ever to start an NBA season. Even with this dramatic advantage over all the teams in the league, the Lakers remain a half-game better than the Celtics in the standings. That's right – a half game. 

Here's my retort to Mr. Ludden and other Laker lovers in the media:

I want to look him straight in the
eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten,
fore-fleshing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred,
overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, d!@kless,
hopeless, heartless, fat-@ss, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped,
worm-headed sack of monkey s@!t he is. Hallelujah. Holy s@!t. Where's
the Tylenol?”

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  • JDpinas

    Yo whats your problem?????? honestly, whats your problem????????????????????

  • We’ve got some people over on Hardwood Houdini that can’t seem to grasp the fact that LA has played 81% of their games at home. They refuse to realize that they may have had the easiest start of the season in NBA history. The one quality opponent they had to play on the road (nuggs) they lost by 26 points. Come on Lakers fans wake up and realize you still have something to prove.

  • You know that’s a movie line, right?

  • thetitleisours

    Don’t give us that you snotty-faced heap of parrot droppings!

  • zeke

    The rise of the Lakers over Boston or Orlando is pathetic, considering both teams have played more games away than at home themselves. The Lakers only have a half-a-game advantage over the aforementioned two teams and like the reader above said still “have something to prove”.

  • Joseph

    Andrew Bynum averaging 18 ppg and 10 rbg (numbers higher than Al Jefferson I may add).
    I thought you said he was going to be a bust and be traded. LOL, LOL, LOL. The guy is legitimate double, double waiting to happen. The only reason his numbers have dropped is because Gasol came back.
    I’m sure Boston fans are glad Red’s Army isn’t the GM of the Suckdics.

  • KY Celts fan

    greatest Christmas movie of all time!

  • Didn’t Kobe want him traded not too long ago?

  • LightsOut_Nigga

    you honestly cannot be blamein our wins b/c of home games.
    a win is a win no matter if it is home or not.
    i got to admit, we do have a shit load of home games but still, if you guys are tellin us that the reason why we are number one is cos of the home games, then you guys are fukkin PATHETIC!
    ..The reason why you guys won the championship was cos of homecourt. so STFU bout this!

  • NineSevenEight

    Didn’t need home court when they waxed the Lakers for all the marbles! That’s all that matters.
    And tell me how staying at your cushy multimillion dollar house in your $10,000 bed 30 minutes from the arena is equally as taxing as commuting all over the country going from hotel to hotel, changing time zones, losing sleep, etc.?
    Not worried though, Lakers will eventually even out with the rest of the league.

  • hahaha

    Need some Cheese with your WHINE? lol…BOO HOOO…
    and also LA Native…Didnt Boston Chant MVP to Kobe?

  • Nora

    I say bring it on. Weall know what happened when the media slobbered over the Lakers in ’08. Deja vu. Lakers were quite lucky Celtics were injury ridden. KG is a much bigger loss then Bynum was.

  • Nora

    Averaging all those numbers once again in the comfort of the Staples Center…

  • I understand your clinging to that moment since it was the highlight of the post Shaq lakers for many years, but do you realize that those were laker fans attending a game in Boston and cheering on their team?
    But tell me, what’s your point? What does that have to do with the comment I made above?

  • Nora

    If you don’t think it is an advantage to be at home Lakers fans are truly the most delusional people on earth. Funny thing is Lakers are only a 1/2 game up on teams that have had to actually spend some time on the road. Easiest schedule in history most likely. Never heard of a team only playing 4 games at this point. Can’t wait to see them on a long road trip which has to be coming. If the Celtics had this sch. it would be the 1st sentence of these articles. The Media pisses me off by their ignorance.

  • Nora

    You won’t be laughing when Laker lose a few on the road.

  • Um, no. C’s won a game in LA (remember the greatest finals comeback ever??).
    And lets face it. If the NBA didn’t insist on doing that idiotic 2-3-2 format that series would’ve been done in 5.

  • thetitleisours

    The guy is a legitimate injury waiting to happen
    The “Los Angeles Rapists” will torture the NBA with their obnoxious trolls no more

  • haha

    here we go with “IF KG was Back” Crap…he had a ghost injury…and out for months? If we had bynum and Ariza for the 08 Final…things would have been way different…

  • Cool16

    Its so funny about celtics talking shit about the Lakers having lots of home games and saying like the lakers havent face any legit teams bla bla bla there and that if im not mistaken the LAKERS blew out the suns yesterday, fine u said the suns came from back to back, let me take u back when Pau wasent playing yet i remember the LAKERS beat the shit out of the SUNS also i did remember too, LAL blew out the hawks without PAU GASOL. If i were u Celtic fans id rather talk shit about LeBron and his dancing, the magic and the hawks cause as u guys said last season, regular season dosent really matter so even if the Lakers lose to the celtics this regular season it wont matter what counts is June

  • JRose

    in response to dumbass lights out nigga….there is no home court in the finals because the 2-3-2 format is bullshit. That actually gives the team with the lower record more of an advantage esp if they can win one of the first 2 games on the road. The reason Boston won the championship was not bc of homecourt advantage it was because they beat the living shit out of La in the staples center. After being down by 21 to come back and win that game 3, LA new they had no shot after that. Then a 40 point anal annihilation in game 6 wrapped it up. Go blow a dick with aids on the tip Faker fans.

  • I dont really pay attention the the Lakers…why? because i dont like them, and couldnt care less about anything Lakers.Therefore this nonsense means nothing to me…I focus on the Cs and there growth as a team

  • Champ

    It is hilarious to listen to the Celtics fans talking about ancient news like it happened yesterday (or even last season!). Always the exact same reply when talking about the Current World Champion Lakers…
    “Remember when we kicked your asses in the finals? yeah that was cool, we own you now and forever.”
    Anytime any debate about the current Lakers and celtics comes up, at least half of the retahded Boston comments are “Yah we dominated you in Game 6”
    No, not this season, no not last season , But TWO f’ing years ago.
    Stop living in the past and holding on to your one shining moment, something that is now not yours. But yet your obsession with the Lakers continues. They live in your head rent free!
    P.S. Yes, the celtics did kick the Lakers ass in the finals way back then, but stop using it as a current point to show how tuff the old ass celtics are.

  • That same team that kicked the Lakers ass in the finals is back this year. Along with the addition of a better bench, you guys don’t know what your in for. I know your going to say the Artest trade the Lakers better, but in all reality it was pretty much an even swap for what each player does for the team. Half of you Lakers fans probably haven’t watched a single Celtics game this year and are using last year as your argument. Anyone with any basketball knowledge knows how much KG helps this team, he is back this year so watch out Faker fans.

  • Green8Teen

    you’re gonna accuse celtics fans of living in the past when some dipshit brought up the kobe MVP chant 5 years ago?

  • JRose

    No, it was being used as a current point to prove to a retarded Laker fan that homecourt advantage didnt win the championship for the c’s. Oh and really one shinging moment? Try 17 shining moments!

  • JRose

    Champ is a Tard…Hey maybe Kobe can help give Tiger some pointers??

  • Cibola_National

    The grammar in the above comments is just terrible. Lakers fans taking the time to start pithy little arguments on a Celtics blog should and edit their comments. It’s embarrassing. I don’t read Lakers blogs because I don’t like them, but if I did, I would try to make a good point or at least be a little clever. LA schools are some of the worst in the nation so I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  • pat

    stop talking sh*t people. till someone dethrone the lakers this year. lakers still the defending champs. you guys just still have to live with it till the playoffs until someone can actually eliminate the lakers. like what the magic did to boston and dethrone them. till then all you have is bias towards the celtics. but lakers still has the last laugh till someone dethrone us. sorry but you celtic fan just have to live with that.

  • haha

    and just like some dumbass bringing up the bynum trade couple years ago?

  • haha

    LOL…what a dumbass…dont have any great comebacks so they always bring up the grammar crap…First off…this is not a site for education…its called a blog..

  • The Truth is Here

    and this comment was NOT shit talking? what?
    His point is valid though. These arguments are dumb, the Lakers and the Celtics are two of the best teams in the league right now. If they both make the finals, we will determine who is better then, but as a Celtics fan, I’m saying that the Lakers are the defending champs and will and should be considered the best team until someone takes that title from them.

  • pat

    and i honestly believe that the celtics are the best team in the east. whoever will win the championship this season will have the bragging rights till next season. so right now, bragging rights is with the laker fans. just like what you (celtic fans) had a year ago when you guys killed us in the finals.
    i really hope to see a healthy boston and a healthy lakers go at it in the finals this season to settle the bragging rights for the next season. so far, lakers and boston are the best team in the nba, together with the orlando magic. in my opinion.

  • Green8Teen

    I’m not the one telling a teams fans not to live in the past, you fuckhead.

  • Fan

    That must mean the Lakers will have the hardest finishing schedule in NBA history.

  • Concerned Laker Fan

    Does that mean that the Lakers will have the hardest finishing schedule in NBA history?





  • Nora

    I have never seen a group of fans so obsessed with a team that they would come here in drovers. Laker fans are not looking good. Sorry but it is ridiculous. Stick to your own blog. Notice I have never been to a Laker blog or cared if a comment was made about the C’s. I find it hard to believe this is all therer is to do in California.

  • Nora

    I mean come here in ‘droves’

  • baltimoresbest01

    I am a Lakers fan and I do visit this blog quite often because I enjoy the balance of humor with general sports news. I also like to keep tabs on the Celtics, because I see them as the biggest competition to the Lakers. Now all of this bickering about Bynum being out two years ago and KG being out last year seems a bit ridiculous. Who knows what would have happened, so who cares? You won it in 08, we won it in 09; end of story. I disagree with you Celtics fans on a few points, but I even disagree with my fellow Laker fans (half the time because the ones that post here are immature). I just think that at the end of the day, we can hope that our respective teams meet in the Finals at full strength so we can all enjoy a good series. Also, if you don’t believe that I actually enjoy the articles on this site, just ask RedsArmy. I @ him every now and then on Twitter under this same screen name.

  • KY Celts fan

    Thank you for having some sense and not acting like an ass like some of these other folk. You’re welcome here anytime.

  • KY Celts fan

    What the hell is a chocktick?

  • LightsOut_Nigga


  • wow… did you bring some sense to this whole mess?

  • thetitleisours

    That is what loser personalities do, get their jolly’s by trolling
    Faker fans are the worse in the league

  • Gary

    Celtics, they are green
    with envy. Lakers are the champs!
    Boston swept in four.
    There’s a haiku for you Celtics fans. This year we will (hopefully) meet in the finals at (hopefully) full strength for the first time in a couple of decades. You won’t be able to complain about not having a healthy KG, and we won’t complain about not having a healthy Drew – not that WE complained two years ago. Welcome to the jungle. By the way, you can stop playing that song at your games now since it’s actually about L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bob

    check strength of schedule tbh