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Is ‘Sheed Out of Shape?

Chuck - Red's Army December 7, 2009 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Is ‘Sheed Out of Shape?


Via Celtics Hub (via Ric Bucher on ESPN NBA Podcast):

“As for Sheed, I’ve got to tell you. The most startling
thing–this is a guy who has always played his way into shape. But I
went into the locker room after the game, and he took off his shirt,
and I mean, I could not believe what I saw. I mean, he looked like a
guy who is on the couch watching games with a bowl of potato chips and
a six pack and not a guy who is playing a game. The roll I saw hanging
off of his shorts—I’ve never seen it on him before and I can’t tell you
the last guy I saw that had a body like that. He’s not Popeye
Jones-esque, but it was a very, very bad look.”

And later:

“The biggest risk there is that’s how you get
injured–when you’re out of shape and you’re forced to play more
minutes. And there are going to be cases where he’s gonna have to do

TNT's Mike Fratello was the first to bring Sheed's conditioning into question (during Thursday night's game against the Spurs). He intimated that Wallace was about 15 pounds overweight.

Wallace doesn't appear out-of-shape to me, although I haven't seen him half-naked like Bucher. I haven't noticed any signs of poor conditioning – a la sluggish play. In fact, I've been impressed with Sheed's low post defense.

Wallace may be carrying some extra weight, but I'm not too worried about it.

As for Bucher's comment about "a guy who is on the couch watching games with a bowl of potato chips and a six pack," John tells me he isn't personally offended about being included in the comparison.

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  • I heard Reggie Miller comment as well during the San Antonio game on how out of shape Rasheed is this year.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah this is not the first ive heard about this. He isnt in particularly good shape but I keep hearing that he plays himself into shape. I really dont buy into that, the time to get your body in shape for the season is in the off season.

  • zauer

    His lateral movement is awfull because of that. Remember what Beasley was doing when Sheed was on him? Hope he has ears full of KG’s yapping and loose some extra pounds

  • Yeah I noticed sheed’s weight the first pre season game. Hurts his defense (although he’s playing alright help D his 1-on-1 is struggling) and his lift on post moves and from 3. He’s playing alright though and seems to enjoy his role.

  • Um,,,,i said sheed was out of shape from day 1 of training camp, just go back in the archives

  • Beasley is a much smaller, quicker player. That’s not a fair example.

  • Sheed is out of shape
    Hes never been in great condition, but he is currently in the worst shape of his career….i dont see how u cant see it

  • Oh and post defense doesnt require being in great shape…so thats a moot point

  • The Truth is Here

    He is out of shape, no denying that. His one on one defense in the post is great. I am most concerned about his help defense. The rotation is usually a bit late when Sheed is in the game instead of Perk or Shelden. For a team the relies on help defense as much as the Celtics do, that is what I am most worried about.

  • Jon with no H

    Um . . . who cares? It seems you got offended that Rosef said he noticed the weight issue very early on without giving you credit for also making that observation. That is so ridiculously lame/insecure I had to comment on it. I’m sure everyone went back through the archives as well. Ha!

  • What are you even talking about? im stating that Sheed being out of shape is far from breaking news… I didnt even notice Rosefs comments until afterwards, and actually am glad someone else noticed from the beggining too…i brought it up and people actually said hes not out of shape…which is funny