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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc sees a link to the championship team

Doc and ray

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“I think our mind-set is back, for
sure. Last year’s team – I said it all year, no one wanted to hear it –
as good as our record was, I never thought we were that good. I never
thought we had the right mind-set the entire year last year.
had too many things going on. Two years ago we had a one-agenda team
and that was to win a title. I think this team has the same thought
process. There’s no other stuff going on. This team is focused on
winning. That doesn’t mean we’re playing well yet. But we are focused
on one thing and that gives you a chance to be a good team.’’

Doc Rivers in the Globe – Celtics' improved play speaks volumes

I still think the thing that affects me most in that statement is the teams mindset last year.  I guess I'm still not over it.  I hate that our team had that overly-individual mindset.

But here we are… new season… new team… and an old attitude.  But the good old attitude.  But you know what's funny about that old C's attitude?  It seems to be directly tied to how healthy Kevin Garnett feels.

And since the trend in basketball blogging seems to be charts and graphs and stuff… I made one to support my claim:

As you can see, the chart clearly shows the correlation between a healthier KG, and an improvement in how the Celtics carry themselves.  

When you listen to KG talk about the improvement, you know why that's true.

“For the most part, what gave us this hope on the road has been our
defensive communication,’’ Garnett said. “I think we’ve been loud,
we’ve been talking, and we’ve really been into it.

You know who the biggest talker on defense is?  Kevin Garnett (I know you knew that).  So when KG is out for an extended period of time… the defense suffers.  When the defense suffers, the Celtics feel the need to make up for it on offense.  And when the Celtics feel like they have to make up for it on offense, guys feel the need to have to do more individually to get the job done.

So it's really not THAT much of a surprise to see the Celtics attitude get snapped back into place as KG spends more healthy minutes on the floor.  The rest of the team feeds off him.  He sees everything that's going on from his spot behind the play.  He makes everyone on the team a better defender when he's out there.  And if the Celtics are playing better defensively… then you see things like the beat-down in OKC.  A stifling defensive effort that leads to easy transition baskets and a blow out win.

To paraphrase our boy Sheed… Chart Don't Lie!

Up next, Page 2… where Big Baby took in a D League game

Associated Press Photo

Baby d league

Baby d league2

Photo by Shem Roose/NBAE via Getty Images

That's Glen Davis at the Maine Red Claws – Springfield Armor game last night.  He saw Bill Walker shoot 6-10 on his way to a 17 point, 5 rebound night (including a dunk you'll see in the highlights below) as the Red Claws destroyed Springfield 115-89.

There rest of the links:

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  • bigmck

    You must have spent hours formulating that chart. Great work.

  • Thanks. I just hope it doesn’t get too confusing.

  • I hate how in hindsight Doc rips last years team and says there mindset wasnt right all year… i find that disheartneing and off base… the mindset was absolutely fine..starting 27-2 and finishing 4 games off of there championship season without KG for 30 games….they then make it to the 2nd round without KG…yes it took 7 games to get there, but it took 7 games to beat the hawks with KG in the first round the year before….the celtics then almost beat the eventual eastern conference champs without KG. Powe, or many contributions from the bench.
    There mindset was fine, they just werent good enough.

  • also a few different bounces in the 2nd round of the 2007 playoffs, and we lose a game 7 at home to the Cavs.
    We got to that same position without KG, and who knows a few different bounces in game 6 in orlando and the celtics win that series.

  • JD

    hmmm looks like we got some guys who may be of use on the d-league team other than billy walker. correct me if I’m wrong, but mario west is a swingman type player with some experience that we might need. i don’t remember him being that bad of a player for the hawks

  • Can someone from tech-support please contact me about the chart? I just don’t get it. Thx.