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No, Chicago… don’t try to steal the ball or anything

That's Jarret Jack, just tying his shoe during a live play.

And all around him are the Chicago Bulls.  You'll notice them as the guys in the other color jerseys NOT making an attempt to knock the ball away while the shoe tying is happening.

What a disgustingly embarrassing moment.  Nice effort, guys.  Way to make your franchise proud. 

Via FanHouse

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  • NBAJ2K

    Definitely enjoy these Plays of the week sections. Keep up the great work on this site!

  • NBAJ2K

    posted my other comment in the wrong section! watching no one from chicago go for the ball is ridiculous

  • The Truth is Here

    Why is Chicago as bad as they are? They seem like they have a good core. Mad Brad maybe needs more minutes…

  • What else can it be but a sign that they have quit on Vinny Del Negro? We know they can play hard…I still think the refs had to spot Joakim 5-10 fouls a game, but this is getting surreal.

    What’s next? Tuesday night…Rafer Alston has a pizza delivered, pays for it on court, and the Nets all play one handed while they eat it, en route to beating the Bulls by 14.

    Hmm…seriously though, Nets in Chicago Tuesday…I can see the Bulls not wanting to fire somebody this close to Christmas, but…the Nets have just one win so far…