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Will Women Ever Play in the NBA?

SI.com's Ian Thomsen debates the issue of women playing in the NBA:

David Stern thinks it will happen. On Tuesday in the
conference room outside his NBA office in Manhattan, I asked the
commissioner whether we'll see a woman playing in his league someday.

"Sure," he said matter-of-factly. "I think that's well within the range of probability."

went on to explain his reasoning as well as jokingly ask that I seek
out other opinions, so that he wouldn't appear to be pushing this most
progressive and liberating pursuit down the throats of his players,
coaches and executives. But he knows, I know and now you know there is
a good chance it's going to happen, simply because the most important
man in basketball has hereby declared it could and should happen.

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  • angsty

    i think it really depends on the position (if it really happens that is) ? I can’t imagine a woman in the post getting knocked up , well… but there is pau gasoft already….. and we all know he plays (and whines) like a bit*h.

  • NineSevenEight

    As a woman, I’m totally all about women breaking down walls and barriers. I’m all for “girl power,” I hate Chris Brown, etc.
    But I just don’t ever see this happening and I’m ok with that. Isn’t that what the WNBA is for anyways?
    I feel like it would be like opening Pandora’s box. It’s not just about the equality of a woman being able to play with men. Does anyone really think that male players are going overlook a female’s presence on the court? How will they adjust? WILL they adjust? Or will they feel like they have to go soft against a girl? How will a woman’s male teammates feel having to back her up against opponents? Will they feel like they have to go that extra mile to protect her on the court?
    Not to mention even finding a woman or group of women that can keep up with the physicality and strength of the men’s game. How many 6’9″ women are out there? And that’s JUST talking about height. How many can play? How many have the strength to hold their own night in and night out? Will they just float around the perimeter?
    There’s just too many questions and not enough answers.
    I think Stern kept it PC. The idea is nice, but I think the outcome would be negative. Stern’s already done enough damage to the NBA as it is.
    Just my opinion.

  • baltimoresbest01

    So are men going to be in the WNBA?

  • JD

    Haha, it could work, you ever see the movie Juwanna Mann?

  • FSantos33

    Never say never I guess. I would say 1 billion to 1 chance. A woman 3pt specialist with other special skills can be 12th player off the bench. I can say the top 3 WNBA players are better than some of the scrubs that made it to the NBA the last twenty years. So, yea it could happen.

  • Jason

    Um. What is Stern’s “range of probability”? Between 0.00001% and 0.00002%? No backbone. Answer the fucking question with a set of balls, a-hole! What a spineless worm. Not that he’s ever shown himself to be anything different.

  • The Truth is Here

    If they are good enough, why the hell not.
    It’s just the fact that like three of them can dunk, you really expect one of them to be competitive in the near future?

  • Joe Somebody

    I thought a few years back Diana Turausi could’ve played in the NBA. She handles the ball like a man, moved like a man, and had good enough size and skills to play the two spot. I also think a few women could play the point. You don’t need to be too physical playing that position, though teams might put a big guard in on them and post them up every time just to be jerks.
    Turausi, Cynthia Cooper, Sheryl Swoops, Sue Bird and Becky Hammon could’ve all played in the NBA today. And i’m a guy saying this so that’s something.

  • PutDJintheHall

    No way no how. Woman can compete in non physical sports. Golf and tennis.
    Its just a fact not being biased.
    I would bet my life a top 10 high schooler beats the best woman player one on one everytime.

  • It’s not going to happen.. It’s crazy…