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A Reason Not to Hate Joakim Noah

You won't find a lot of love for Joakim Noah among Celtics fans – until now.

LeBron James was dancing up a storm on the bench last night as the Cavs were blowing out the Bulls. Noah voiced his displeasure from the Bulls bench as the King was shooting free throws.

According to Ric Bucher:

Sources @ the bench on what Joakim said to LeBron: This is so ****ing old + the clincher that got LBJ coming at him "You're a b****."

I'm all for having fun, but what the Cavs are doing is disrespectful to their opponents and the game.

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  • But the kicker is that LBJ and his little followers on the bench have been doing this for years.
    LBJ thinks he’s the sh*t. His teammates think they’re invincible because they have LBJ on their team.
    I think Joakim Noah is ugly. I hate him because he does all of the right things and he is the kind of player I would love to have on my team… but because he’s not on my team, I hate him because he does things to beat us.
    But I respect that the fact that he didn’t take sh*t from LBJ. Joakim was pissed about losing and didn’t want to take the charades that is the Cavs.
    Good for Joakim.

  • Also, the incident occurred after LBJ took the ball to the hoop, got fouled, roamed to the other side of the floor, and did a little jig for about 12 seconds…
    Mo Williams, Shaq, and LBJ are the 3 that deserved to get b*tch slapped the most.
    The young core of ATL used to piss me off more than anything, but they’ve grown a lot and now Cleveland gets to hole the award for the most hated team in the world.

  • There wasnt much of a reason to hate him before if you ask me…. because he played hard against us in the playoffs?
    Hes a funny dude

  • Jason

    I have NEVER seen anyone interrupt free throws to confront another player like that. What a punk move. And does Hubie condemn the King for such a move? No, he’s already concluded it must have been Noah who said something that MADE the King approach him. LBJ classless move, but obviously to Hubie it’s Noah’s fault. Can’t tarnish the crown can we? Disgusting bias.

  • NineSevenEight

    Hubie did call Lebron out for his antics, though. He said that it’s professional basketball and needed to be treated as such. He said he had never seen the Cavs so outwardly celebratory and that he thought they went too far by dancing on the court.

  • NineSevenEight

    What makes me laugh the most is seeing Mo Williams approach like he’s gonna do something. He’d get rocked. He just takes his orders from his coach, Lebron. He’s the last person that should be showboating anyways, he disappeared into thin air when the games mattered in the playoffs. Mo’s so funny.

  • What was the big deal?

  • nick

    Gota agree… Lebrons act is old and tired. He’s a fucking pussy and I enjoyed Noah sticking up 4 his squad. Now, if I had a top 5 list of players I hate, they would both be on it but I cant wait to see Pierce shit on Lebrons overrated rag tag cavs squad, and I also cant wait 2 see Perk elbow Noahs ugly grill

  • I know its blashphemy…but again I like Joakim Noah…he plays hard and really goes after it defensively and on the boards….hes the only one on the bulls that had the balls to say anything, and im glad he did…Lebron has really grown old and so has his that entire teams act and false bravado..

  • I still think that Noah is freaking Fagg, he is ugly, gay stupid fool. LBJ is cool though, you can’t really hate him,but Noah is fucking suck ass.

  • The Truth is Here

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate Joakim Noah as much as the next man, but what LBJ was doing was disrespectful. It is one thing to celebrate your team finally coming together and looking good in the second half after going bucket for bucket with a mediocre team in the first, but dancing? really?
    And can we address his dancing abilities? What was that? He seemed a bit lost…

  • Mayne Event

    i realize u guys hate kobe with a passion but how in the heck do u all think he is more cocky than this mother fucker…. he wears mvp shirts, $tat$ shirts and dances like this when his team is blowing out another team…. disrespectful i think

  • Joe Somebody

    i like and respect Kobe better than LeBron, Mayne. . . Kobe’s a better overall player, LeBron’s just freakishly athletic. THough saying I like Kobe better than LeBron is like saying i like to eat sh!t more than i like to eat double sh!t