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Those Tears Don’t Fool Me, Allen Iverson

Nice try, AI. But those tears don't fool me. Despite crying a river during your Sixers press conference, I still think you are one of the most selfish players to ever wear an NBA uniform.

Get a load of this BS:

"I want to fit in. I want to be a part of any success we have," Iverson
said. "I just want to be one of the guys. I don't need a whole bunch of
praise. I don't need a whole lot of accolades. I just want to play

Fit in? You don't need praise? Then how come you aren't part of the success in Denver? And how come you refused to come off the bench in Detroit? And what the hell happened in Memphis?

Iverson still doesn't get why teams stayed away:

"It's just a bad rap," Iverson said Thursday at the Wachovia Center.
"Once guys in the front office start calling about a player, and you've
made the mistakes that I've made, you could see why that guys were
laying off me. I never thought it had anything to do with basketball
issues. It was always stuff off the court."

Wrong. It's all about basketball. Teams did not want to sign you because you are a disruptive, me-first player. And when your skills diminish, teams are less likely to tolerate your crap.

You're lucky the 76ers are more desperate than you, because you didn't deserve this 'last' chance.

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  • LeonPoweForever

    do you see what it says in that picture under his name on the video you posted? It says “6th all time NBA history”
    Marinate on that for a while. That means you’ve earned as many chances are you want.
    I think he is a giant d bag but so are a lot of people in the NBA, he is a starter on at least half the teams in the NBA right now whether you like him or not and he still has gas left in the tank.

  • BigMck

    One thing matters in the NBA – winning.
    If Iverson truly could start for half the teams in the league, then how come no one stepped up and made him an offer?

  • CFH

    Gotta agree with LeonPoweForever here.
    Iverson has screwed up royally, but he’s paid (in $$ he could have earned, in public humiliation, and in loss of the status an all-time scorer usually gets). Lots of professional athletes have had second– or millionth– chances after less of a punishment.
    I’m not going to deny that he’s been selfish and a bad teammate. But he’s also been a warrior and someone who loves basketball, Philly, and the Sixers. No way am I going to make fun of those tears. If I want to make fun of someone for crying, there’s always Sasha Vujacic.

  • fuck you

    You guys just love bringing people down. That’s the only original thing you do on this site. Even when the C’s win all we hear about is the negative. Funny how the only original material you put on here is comments ripping into other players. Everything else is taken from other blogs. Do some of your own research.

  • Tears or not.. let’s see how he plays. Words are words. Regardless of off the court crap, let’s see him distribute and set up his teammates.
    No one argues he is a great scorer. What he has yet to prove is that he’s a great teammate.

  • KY Celts fan

    “That’s my quarterback. That’s my quarterback. We lost as a team.”

  • KY Celts fan


  • C

    Yes seriously. Only a moron wouldnt see this to be true

  • Lewis35

    Give the guy a break! He’s been a great player on some bad teams that he actually won with. I dont care who you are athelete or not when your used to doing a job a certain way and then realize one day your declining. He’s human just like you and me dude and i commend him for speaking his mind. Listen to the whole interview not just what you caught on SC. Peace RIP #35 4life

  • Practice… we’re talking about PRACTICE…