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The Big 3 Things of the Week

week, we look at the Big Three things happening in Celtics-land, good
and bad, and we rank them… Because society demands we judge things, and we're powerless to resist its demans.

On the way up

Streaking 1: We're going streaking – Oh… the Celtics look old and slow.  Oh… the Celtics look totally lost sometimes.  Oh… look at who's got the most wins in the NBA.

2: Beastondo – Why won't that nickname catch on?  Rajon is the league's assist and steals leader.  Kendrick Perkins could have the highest field goal percentage in team history.  Gentlemen… the keys to the future of the franchise are yours.

3: Groovin' -Kevin Garnett has taken 41 shots in the past week.  He's missed 10.  That is all

On the way down:

Sheed closeup 3: But he meant that stuff about your mother in a NICE way – Rasheed Wallace just broke a streak of 3 straight games with a technical foul.  It's not the kind of hot start we were looking for.

2: Ya know… he IS the Captain – Paul Pierce has scored just 8 points in each of the past two games.  He's taken a combined 17 shots.  Yeah, we won… but how about running some more of the offense through your best offensive player, huh?

1: This is getting offensive – Against the Spurs, the Celtics gave up 20 offensive rebounds… they only pulled down 2.  How much longer are they going to get away with giving up that many second and third chances?

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  • I love Pierce as much as anyone but he was 2 for 9 last night, ice cold and he wasn’t getting the calls. IMO you go with the hot hand not the guy who’s having an off night.

  • The offensive rebound thing is insane. Not unusual for veterans not to attack the basket on the offensive end though, they have to get back and play that D. They definitely need to figure something out tho. Perkins and KG alone should be getting double digit offensive boards.

  • Nora

    You don’t realize how hard it is to get offensive rebounds if you think players can avg. double digits. It is not that easy.

  • FSantos33

    Well, just look at our loses so far excluding the Pacers. Games weren’t even close when we played somebody good. Phx, Atl, and Orl. I am not even going to count the Spurs as a top contender anymore. The so called experts always have the Spurs up there but I’ve said it before they weren’t last year and they aren’t this year. C’s better get it together and rebound better as a team or else they will face defeat again next time they face a contender. C’s Good-O-Meter starts again on 25th at Orl and 30th at Phx. Until then C’s need to beat all the sub .500 and below teams.

  • Joe Somebody

    It’s the end of the Celtics game and they’ve won easy but a minute ago i switched to the cavs blowout over the bulls on espn and LeBron was just acting like a complete punk and actually walked off the free throw line after his first shot to go over to the bulls bench and jaw with Joakim Noah who was jawing during his first free throw. The reason he was jawing though was because LeBron apparently has been dancing around on and off the court during the game, acting like a fool. And had just done a little dancing after getting fouled before going to the line. I’m posting this here because it’s your latest post and I’m hoping you can find video of this garbage and you’ll post it tomorrow to show how much of a fool LeBron is. Hubie Brown even commented that all the dancing is something you don’t want to see and was likely why Joakim was jawing with him. Look it up and post it. I always love a Lebron bashing post that you guys do. Title it: King James becomes the dancing queen.

  • KY Celts fan

    I would love to see that video! His antics have always annoyed me. The little pre-game skits, the air guitar on the sidelines. Just childish. I wasn’t able to watch the game tonight (I had to watch “The Sand Pebbles” starring Steve McQueen with my Dad) but I probably would have been cussing a storm. I would think the dunk contest would the perfect place for Lebron to show off his immaturity, but now he might not do that either. What a tool.

  • The offensive rebound thing…it’s hard to get offensive rebounds when you are hitting most of your shots.

    As for cutting down on the other team’s offensive rebounds…I’ve noticed that the nights teams get a lot of them tend to be the nights those teams miss a lot of 3’s. The Spurs and the Atlanta game definitely fit that pattern. I guess it’s better to defend the three well, but yeah the C’s can do better.

  • Redsarmy I liked the first we are going streaking from the website in 2006 after our 3 game winning streak can you throw that up as a blast from the past photo or something i think it was frank the tank at the keg with a Celtic T on if not no biggy Thanks