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Mabye Glen Davis won’t have to fight for minutes after all

Shelden rebound

DeJuan Blair was killing the Celtics last night.  He was pounding the
boards, he was scoring down low, he was hustling and keeping balls
alive… and the Celtics didn't seem to have an answer. 

Meanwhile, Shelden Williams sat on the bench.  And he stayed there.

left San Antonio with a big DNP-Coaches Decision next to his name in
the stat sheet.  In a game where the C's were getting dominated on the
boards, a big man whose only real job is getting on the glass and
defending the post sat and watched it all happen.  The question is…
was this a matter of a matchup Doc didn't like, or was it part of a

Shelden had been averaging 16 minutes a game through
November 18 (vs. Golden State).  Since then, he's down to 10.3 minutes
per game… a number that was skewed by a 21 minute stint vs.
Charlotte.  4 of the 5 games leading up to Charlotte were single digit
minute games for Shelden.

So did Shelden do anything in that
Golden State game to get into Doc's dog house?  Or was it the Orlando
game where he started having problems?  Before then, he certainly
seemed to be playing well enough to earn his time.  Everyone was in a
hurry to write up the "oooh, Shelden is gonna take Big Baby's minutes"
story.  But now it looks like it's going to be the other way around.

Big Baby is on his way back.  Shelden's minutes are already down and
the Celtics have won 6 straight.  We might see more of Shelden tonight
because of the back-to-back situation… but will he undo whatever he
did to get into Doc's doghouse?  He admitted on Twitter to not playing well recently.  He's got 2 or 3 weeks to figure it out, before this stop becomes a little too much like his others in the NBA.

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  • last night doc opted to play scalabrine instead of shelden williams, to defend Matt bonner, who actually killed us with his spacing in a game last season. yeah in hindsight, williams clearly shouldve played, also the other bigs simply have to do a better job rebounding.
    This is nothing new, this is the same game hes played with leon powe/ big baby the last 2 seasons… one game play, all of a sudden a DNP, etc etc…shelden just has to stay ready, and i never think there was a question that big baby is gonna have to fight to take minutes from williams either

  • Danno

    Scal’s seen more minutes and we have a 6 game win streak.
    Scal may not be quick, or flashy – but he doesn’t have the mental/focus lapses that guys like Shelden/Mikki Moore/Patrick Obryant are prone to have.
    Lots of young guys have a problem with just doing the job they are asked to do. They want to do more. Scal does his job, period. and it works.

  • Lakerhater

    I agree. And Scal’s so likeable even the Blair wanted to rebound and put back for him. Bonner didn’t kill anybody last night.

  • Scal’s been getting more minutes against the better, veteran teams. We saw the same thing against Orlando.
    And Doc actually went with Scal in these situations last year when Big Baby was healthy, so I’m not sure how many minutes Big Baby would have even played last night if he was healthy.

  • thetitleisours

    I agree, Davis will no no issue with minutes. His scoring from inside and out will be more versatile than SW
    And Sheed needs to get his FG% up – ouch!