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Chris Johnson Says He Can Beat Rondo 1-on-1


The proposed Rajon Rondo-Chris Johnson 40 yard dash hasn't even happened yet, but we already have a sequel – a game of one-on-one.

“I watch Rondo. He’s a good basketball player. I definitely watch him. I’d definitely beat him one-on-one,” Johnson said.

For those wondering about his hoop skills, I could not find any mention of organized basketball when searching bios of the 5-11 Johnson.

While Rondo denied the race challenge when asked by Comcast's Greg Dickerson, Johnson and his teammates are running their mouths:

“He (Marquis Daniels) called me and told me what Rondo was saying. So I went on
Twitter and said, that’s easy money,” Johnson said. “That’s cool if he
wants to lose $200,000. I had to go public with it. He must be stupid.
It won’t be no close race.”

Titans teammates had Johnson winning the proposed race as well.

“Rajon Rondo doesn’t want any piece of CJ. Matter of fact, if you
can get the message to Rondo, we’ll match him bill for bill, whatever
he wants to do. Our money is on CJ,” linebacker Keith Bulluck said. "I
am faster than Rondo. He needs to start with me or someone on defense

Ray Allen has picked a date for the race:

We need to try and get Chris Johnson and rondo to race each other at all star weekend

As for Rondo's chances in a race – he is built like a cornerback, so there's no reason why he couldn't have cornerback speed, say a 4.4 40. While that's lightning fast, it's still not fast enough to beat CJ.

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  • When did this change from 2K to 200K? Daniels RT of Johnsons Tweet said 2K, does he think 2K is 200,000?

  • CJ would also beat Rondo in the race to have a complete set of gold grills

  • FSantos33

    I don’t care who wins this foot race. How stupid would this be if one of them end up getting hurt… CJ and Rondo are both going to be fined for twitting about racing for money. Ainge might call Rondo in the Dean’s office to remind him he just signed for $55 mill.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    “He must be stupid. It won’t be no close race.”
    Chris Johnson is a tooooool.

  • FSantos33

    John and Chuck, any luck finding the footage when Perk laid out Duncan at mid court last night? It was classic. TD didn’t know what hit’em Perk did a great job on TD all night long. “Beast”!

  • JD

    Wow the titans are a bunch of tools, keith bullock has always been a dumbass. And I think Rondo’s a bit pissed at Quis for sayin this shit on twitter, thats why he’s deferring all questions about this to Daniels.

  • C

    Telling the obvious truth doesnt make someone a tool

  • LOL

    Uhh Rondo’s a good PG, but there’s no way he’s gonna beat Chris johnson in a 40 yard dash. Chris johnson runs a 4.2. That’s olympic track speed. LOL at this comparison. IDC how fast Rondo is, he doesn’t run 4.2