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Chuck - Red's Army December 3, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Road Warriors


Chalk up another road win for the Celtics. They beat the Spurs 90-83 thanks to a great defensive effort.

Rajon Rondo (12 points, 12 assists, 3 steals) had two clutch plays in the final two minutes. With the Celtics clinging to an 85-81 lead, he drilled an open 19-footer. And with the Celtics up 4, with 30 seconds left, Tony Parker drove to the hoop but had the ball slapped off his leg by Rondo  It was a HUGE defensive play.

KG had another great game: 20 points, 9-15 FG, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals.

Dejuan Blair (18 ponts, 9-11 FG, 11 rebounds) was a beast. He single-handedly lead the Spurs back from a 12 point 4th quarter deficit. It reminded me of the breakout game Glen Davis had two years ago against the Pistons.

The Spurs outrebounded the Celtics 55-32, thanks to 20 offensive rebounds. I'd say at least half of those off. rebounds came on backtaps.

Gregg Popovich had a couple of questionable personnel moves. Tim Duncan (16 points, 15 rebounds) stayed on the bench for 8 minutes in the 4th quarter. He returned with 3:59 left in the game. Yes, Dejuan Blair was playing out of his mind, but couldn't they play together? Pop also stayed with Roger Mason instead of Manu Ginobli for much of crunch time.

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  • FSantos33

    A win is a win but why do I feel like Celts should have lost this one. Our rebounding is horrible. It’s become a trend the 17 games. All the guys have to crash the boards if we want to beat the other title contenders and go deep in the playoffs. What happened to Pierce tonight? Did Jefferson lock PP down that bad? Nice job on two hugh clutch plays by Rondo to clinch the ball game.

  • Nora

    Ask the Spurs how they managed to lose. I have no idea how Celtics won with such a difference in rebounding.

  • FSantos33

    John and Chuck can you find the clip when Perk laid out Timmy D at mid court in the 2nd quarter. TNT never replayed it, TD complained begging for a foul, Perk looked down at him like stay down sucka. Awesome screen Perk, great job tonight!

  • Lex

    Let’s finish the job tonight.

  • PxFunk
  • forget KGS “great game” for a second and realize hes the reason we’re not a good rebounding team right now and got pounded on the glass last night…and dont tell me he sacrifices numbers for the greater good of the team and thats why, bc thats ridicoulous and his rebounding needs to be up…hes avereraging merely half as many rebounds as he did at his peak…duncan still manages to grab 11 rebounds a game and 15 last night.
    So yes, KG is shooting the ball well, i think his game is consistently overrated every night because hes scoring and passing the ball well…his defense and rebounding are the most important aspects of his game and still have a very long way to go..
    That said, ill take the win for sure, but if i were a spurs fan that would’ve been a tough game to swallow, i thought they played terrible, turned the ball over and couldnt make a free throw

  • Blaming KG solely for the team’s rebounding woes is absurd. He’s averaging 7 rpg, Bosh is leading the league with 11 rpg. Give KG another four rebounds last night (and every night for that matter) and the Spurs still kick our ass on the boards.
    Too much negativity around here. The Celtics beat the Spurs in San Antonio. That’s a quality win.

  • DaveMeggett4Life

    You made mention to Rondo’s 2 clutch plays in crunch time, and they were. That elbow jumper was HUGE, as it stymied the furious rally the Spurs had been on. But the steal of Parker…a great play, yes, but easily could have been called a foul. Not saying it was, but if that were say…Dwayne Wade, that’s a foul, no question about it. Which goes back to Rondo’s biggest flaw as a player (even more than shooting, which has dramatically improved recently)…and that’s his risky plays. Of course we all know he posts great steals numbers, but he does so at the expense of if he doesn’t make the steal, he gives up layups or forces the frontline to foul his man. He attempts too many backtaps and swats at the ball instead of moving his absurdly quick feet and getting in front of his man…
    But back to the two clutch plays…you failed to mention his one crucial BONEHEAD play that proved to be moot as the Celts defense locked down. It might have been the play preceding the Tony Parker strip, or it might have been more like 30-60 seconds prior, but it was another failed alley-oop attempt to KG. Yet, this time, two things glared out at me: 1) I don’t know where he was throwing that ball, but it was nowhere near the vicinity of KG or the rim. 2) YOU DON’T TRY FOR AN ALLEY-OOP (on the road of all places) WHEN YOUR TEAM IS CLINGING TO A MARGINAL LEAD! Again, I can’t remember the exact score or time on the clock, but I remember sitting in my seat in awe thinking “I can’t believe he even CONSIDERED that to be the play to make.”
    Ugh, ok . Had to get that out of my system. Other than that, great game between 2 great teams, we got murdered on the boards, yes, but we settled down and made the big shots and got the big stops when we needed to — one of the barometers of greatness.

  • Im not solely blaming KG…but 7 boards a game isnt enough from him, really that simple…this is a guy that led the league in rebounding for nearly 8 years straight…I could also point to perk, who could average more then 7 a game himself…we need an invidual dominating rebounder, and considering we have the best of the decade averaging 7 a game…yea i expect him to grab more boards

  • Agree with your comment on the alley oop but I don’t think that’s all Rondo’s fault. There is communication between the two on that play. KG could’ve easily waved it off and said to throw him the ball in the post. But you’re right. I too was pissed that they attempted that play under those circumstances.