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Big 3, Rondo Named to Panel’s Top 50 Players List


The Sporting News created a panel of experts (107 Hall of Famers, major
award winners, executives, current players and coaches and other
basketball experts) to determine
the Top 50 players in the game.

Here's the top 5:

1. Kobe Bryant
2. LeBron James
3. Dwyane Wade
4. Dwight Howard
5. Tim Duncan

Four Celtics players made the list: Kevin Garnett (7), Paul Pierce (10), Ray Allen (27) and Rajon Rondo (38).

My reactions:

-I can accept Kobe Bryant as the top player, but he had nearly twice as many first place votes as LBJ. That's surprising.

-How can a guy without a polished offensive game be the 4th best player in the league?

-Right now, Paul Pierce is a better all-around player than Kevin Garnett.

-Shaq is ranked 16th. That's insane and only acceptable if this were 2006. Same with Jason Kidd (23).

-Tony Parker (13) ahead of Chris Bosh (18), Kevin Durant (21) and Joe Johnson (25) is laughable.

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  • They are using historical stats for some and current for others. Seems like there is no consistency on the basis of their voting. They should be voted on the impact that the player has made recently not in the 90’s.

  • Joe Somebody

    this goes to show you that even the so called experts undervalue the guys from the small market teams (see-Bosh, Johnson, and durant for that.)
    Here’s my top 20:
    1.Kobe Bryant
    2.LeBron James
    3.Dwayne Wade
    4.Chris Paul
    5.Tim Duncan
    6.Dirk Nowitzki
    7.Carmello Anthony
    8.Steve Nash
    9.Dwight Howard
    10.Deron Williams
    11.Chris Bosh
    12.Kevin Durant
    13.Paul Pierce
    14.Brandon Roy
    15.Danny Granger
    16.Kevin Garnett
    17.Amare Stoudemire
    18.Joe Johnson
    19.Tony Parker
    20.Al Jefferson

  • fiorelladad

    My friend, I would take out Parker and put Rondo instead. What has Parker done so far this season? Rondo has been more than consistent in his play, he’s averaging 9 assists per game and is the league leader in steals. Then again this is YOUR top 20. Just pointing my view. Much respect.

  • DaveMeggett4Life

    I’m still amazed at how highly regarded Chris Bosh is. Call me crazy, but never once in the 5 or 6 years he’s been in the league have I found him to be the dominant force that Lebron, Melo and Wade have proven to be. All 3 of those guys are team leaders who have taken (at times, carried) their teams deep into the playoffs. What has Bosh done to warrant such comparisons with these studs, other than be present in the same draft class (and now, free agency class).
    Don’t get me wrong, he’s a solid player, but certainly not someone to consider building a team around. He’s a 18-20 pt, 8-12 rb a game guy on a team that flat-out doesn’t win. Looks alot like Al Jefferson stats to me, and I love Big Al. Bosh is an undersized, soft PF, that plays the game with too much finesse. He has a deadly midrange game, but that proves worthless when he’s matched up against more physical PFs (read: 75% of league PFs), because he clearly never bulked up his frame in the time he has spent in the NBA.
    Again, I’m not trying to hate on Chris Bosh, I think he is a good talent that would make a great 3rd or 4th option on a team that could utilize a shifty forward, but I’m just in awe at how he’s been annointed as being as highly coveted in this free agent class as both Lebron and Wade.

  • -right now Pierce is better then KG
    – and I would also add rondo being much better all around player then ray allen
    As far as it being suprising the votes for Kobe being the best overall player? no not really that suprising…after lebrons meltdown last season its totally understanable…the guy also needs a fucking post and mid range game…both of which kobe has

  • Uhhh, i know KG is wearing our laundry…but I dont think hes a top 20 player in this league anymore..
    He was top 5 his entire career, and for the decade, but uh hes no better then Perkins right now

  • Fair Points….but Chris Bosh in Toronto is close to a reincarnation of KG in Minnesotta…
    KG only led a team out of the first round once in 11 years…and was on a 3 year drout before coming to boston

  • Leon Black

    I can’t understand why Rondo does not get the proper respect he deserves. Right now he is 5th in the league in Assists per game and he is 2nd in the league in Steals per game. He isn’t even on the radar when it comes to Turnovers per game. (I think he is like 32nd or something) I understand that the argument is that he can’t shoot, but aren’t assists a more important stat and characteristic when it comes to a point guard? (I think steals are the most important stat for a PG on the defensive end, too . . . my opinion) So with that said, I think it is ridiculous to put more than 5 PGs before Rondo on that list.

  • Jon

    I kind of think it’s silly that there could be 5 teams with no players listed. That’s 5 players who are the best on their team but still not top 50 in the league? I don’t see it. Certainly Gerald Wallace and Al Jefferson are top 50 guys over the likes of Battier or Villanueva. As RedsArmySoldier pointed out, there is no consistency in how they picked guys.

  • JD

    What the hell are you talking about, have you watched the few games? Give the man a chance to come back form a pretty serious injury.

  • Joey

    You can’t say that the makers of this list don’t know basketball because analysts and current/former players voted on it, but how is Nene 13 spots AHEAD of Andrew Bynum? Bynum is way better than #50 and Nene. Shane Battier isn’t better than Michael Redd either. Bynum is ranked behind Elton Brand, Charlie Villanueva, Shane Battier, Nene, Lamar Odom, Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Kidd, Shaquille O’Neal, Al Horford, Ron Artest, Richard Jefferson, Tracy McGrady, and Baron Davis. If we are talking about this season only, then Bynum (19 ppg, 10 rpg) should be in the Top 20. How are McGrady, Shaq, and Ginobili ranked ahead of Ray Allen too? Other than Kobe, Ray Allen is the person you don’t want to see with an open jumper at the end of games. I would rather let Pierce have an open 3 then let Ray Allen have an in rythme 3 if I was on the other team.