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Your Morning Dump… featuring Sheed’s technical difficulties

Sheed and ref

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“I’m concerned,” Rivers said. “There’s nothing I’m going to do about
it, I can tell you that. I can talk to him until I’m blue, and I’m sure
Larry (Brown, his former coach) has done that, as well.

“At this rate clearly he’s going to come to that number and then
he’s going to get suspended, and we don’t want to lose him for games.
But listen, his teammates are on him, we talk to him about it. But at
the end of the day he’s going to have to solve that on his own.”

Herald: Tech issues for Rasheed Wallace

Meanwhile, Perkins has five
technicals, on pace for 23. He has reduced his technicals in the past
two weeks, but Rivers is concerned about Perkins acquiring a
Wallace-like reputation.

don’t think anybody can be contagious with Perk – he was pretty good
[at getting them] before,’’ Rivers said. “So I don’t think Rasheed has
had any impact on Perk at all. In some ways I think he has been a
calming influence. Perk I am on more about it because he’s still young
and gaining a reputation. He has a chance to stop it before it starts.’’

Globe: Wallace having technical difficulties

For those keeping count, last night was the third straight game in which Sheed got a tech.  He is up to 8 techs so far… halfway to a suspension.  And yesterday was the first day of December. 

I had a quick debate on Twitter after it happened last night.  Went like this:

Me: Holy crap… another tech on Sheed. This is stupid. Some of this HAS to be refs looking for him to say something, right?

Raptors Republic: @RedsArmy it's historical, sure. But he has to change if he wants the refs to do the same.

Me: @raptorsrepublic fair enough.. but so much of what he gets T'd up for, refs let other guys get away with

Raptors Republic: @RedsArmy agreed, but again, it's stuck in the refs minds. Hard to get over it.  

So how much of it is incumbent on Sheed to shut his pie hole… and how much of this is on the refs to stop walking out there with hands halfway to the "T" symbol?  Seems to me like there's a little of both going on here. Hopefully, the league can rescind one or two of these.  In the meantime, I say Doc makes Sheed inactive for any Joey Crawford-officiated games.

Up next, page 2… where Ray Allen zeroed in

Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Allen kidded earlier yesterday whether the league’s rusty rims were causing his shooting slump.

oiled them, you didn’t know?’’ he said with a laugh. “I put some baby
oil on the rim. I told you earlier that I am just going to have to put
it in, to swish the ball instead of letting it mess around on that rim.
It’s really all a body thing, just getting your legs up, going in the
air and just being consistent.’’

Globe: Allen on target as well-oiled Celtics thump Bobcats

Sean Grande, the Celtics radio play-by-play guy, said before the game that he expected a big one from Ray Allen last night.  He said everyone behind the scenes knew Ray was dealing with some off the court stuff… and now that his son Walker is home and feeling better, Ray can play with a clear head.

Who knows if that's why Ray went off last night.  He's historically played well in Charlotte… so that could be part of it too.  All I know is Ray's too good a shooter to stay cold for too long.  Shooters also go through slumps too… so he'll probably get cold again at some point. 

Just keep taking good shots… keep going to the rim when they play up on you… and the points will come.

The rest of the links:

Herald: Ray Allen-led Celtics shoot straight  |  Doc Rivers has big workload in clock management  |  Globe: Analysis of Celtics-Bobcats  |  CelticsBlog: What can I say (5 in a row)  |  CSNNE:  C notes from Charlotte |  Charlotte Observer: Bobcats frustrate Brown in loss

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  • Nora

    I don’t think it is fair that Sheed has to be the only one willing to change. I bet part of the frustration for Sheed is getting no leeway at all. Refs need to back off on the T’s a little as well.

  • rav

    what happens when you get your 16th tech. you get suspended for one game? what about the 17th. do you get a suspension for every tech from then on or do you wait till a new set of 16?
    cuz then it’d be better if sheed got to 16 before the playoffs

  • You get 1 game for every tech after that. So we need him to stop.
    I think it resets in the playoffs, though. You get 5 in the playoffs before you face suspension

  • ‘Sheed is a smart guy. I’m not worried about his techs. He won’t ever be a choir boy, but he’ll settle down when he needs to.

  • Q

    Gotta give a bunch of blame to the refs. A couple nights ago, the announcers were explaining that Sheed got his technical for yelling “And One!” after he shot.
    Which is at least a reason, I suppose, but not a very good one when at least twice later in the game the courtside mikes picked up a shouted “and one!” by someone other than Sheed. Without any technicals being called of course.

  • beachbumla

    Doc should give Sheed the night off whenever any of the ‘company men’ are refereeing… Doesn’t it seem like the Refs often make calls that allow the losing team to get back in the game? Example: C’s up by 20 in the 2nd quarter, miraculously the other team ties it up with 4 minutes to go in the 4th… The C’s being the powerhouse are often leading, with certain Refs they will not get the calls or will pickup fouls in this situation. Sheed just can’t cope when this happens, unfortunately it happens too often…