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RedsArmyAdmin December 2, 2009 Uncategorized 1 Comment on Your KG Face of the Day
Kg and nazr
Wednesday, December 2, 2009
The "Nazr Mohammed isn't into the YMCA dance the same way KG is"

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  • Rj

    I love it. Those two guys H.A.T.E. each other. Gotta love those old Western Conference rivalries between players that carry over.
    The conversation went like this…
    Nazr: “Ey man, try that **** again and i’ll drop you.”
    KG: “Who are you?”
    Nazr: “What!?” “Is this funny?”
    KG: “Really man, who are you?”
    KG: “Why don’t you get me some gatorade or something, make yourself useful.”
    P.S. why don’t you guys create a feature which highlights or makes note of the league wide individual rivalries that Celtics players have with other players around the league? You know, set it up, mention how each did during the last meeting, and mention any dust ups that occured. Kind of a “what to watch for tonight” or “game inside the game”
    KG vs Anybody haha [Nazr, Nene,]
    Rondo vs Deron W., C. Paul, D. Rose /Kirk H.
    Paul Pierce vs Andre Igoudala
    Perk vs. “wonder boy” aka D Howard or Jermaine Oneal
    Ray Allen vs. RIP Hamilton
    All i ask is that when you do… you give me a shout out