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Now THAT’S Celtics basketball

We just had to break this play out on its own today.  There are so many components to it that make it awesome.

Rondo with the little flick of a bounce pass to KG.  You'll notice it on the replay.  Looks so easy… but when you look at the angle and how little space there is to get that in there… it's just so pretty.

Ray Allen never stops moving.  Some guys, especially shooters, would peel off and find a spot behind the line and just hang out there.  Nope… not Ray.  Not only did he find his point guard… he used Rondo as a pseudo-screen so he could get to the hoop.

Kevin Garnett not just filling the lane, but immediately recognizing everyone is looking at him… meaning Ray's going to have a clear path.  And the pass… oh.. the passing give me tingles.  Great interior passing is like basketball porn for me.

Excuse me… I just had a moment.

That, my friends, was beautiful offensive basketball. 

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  • Lex

    Good job on the vids. Definitely filling a void.

  • Thanks!
    In this competitive blog market… we gotta do something to stand out, right?

  • I just watch this clip again and again… I love how it took both Mike and Donny’s breath away.

  • Lex

    There may have been a time when C-Blog was a better blog than your’s. I don’t think that is the case anymore. They probably have more hits and maybe more bells and whistles. But I’d be curious how many celtics news seekers visit your site first before visiting c-blog.
    Plus you throw in more and funnier court jester stuff than they do.

  • KY Celts fan

    I visit here first, then go to CelticsBlog. They tend to piss me off cuz they won’t let me curse in my comments. (hell. damn. fart) Some things just deserve some cursing. plus their articles are a lot longer and I just can’t read that much.

  • Lex

    That Hobbes guy is a bit jack-booted for my tastes.