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Dime Magazine Disrespects Rajon Rondo


Dime Magazine lists the Top 10 Point Guards over the Next 10 Years.

7. Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics)

Rondo is the purest point guard on this list. There is only one glaring
problem, and that is his jump-shot. Every other facet of his game is
nearly perfect, but he’s just not a very good shooter – yet. If he can
develop a shot, he’d be in the top three on this list. Another concern:
Once the Big 3 go down, can Rondo lead a team or is he simply a
super-role player? Some of you older folks may remember a person named
Magic and Michael
who actually were not great outside shooters early in their career, but
they became great shooters later. Could this be Rondo’s case?

The analysis is spot on. So why do I feel like Rondo is being disrespected? Let's look at the six guards ahead of him:

6. John Wall (Kentucky)
5. Tyreke Evans (Kings)
4. Brandon Jennings (Bucks)
3. Derrick Rose (Bulls)
2. Chris Paul (Hornets)
1. Deron Williams (Jazz)

Two rookies and one college player… ahead of Rondo? Are you freakin' nuts?

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    How is this possible? They question if he can lead an NBA team or if he is a super role player yet they put a college player ahead of him!??! This is so ridiculous it blows my mind

  • Spiraea

    Well.. at least they compared him to Magic and Michael, I guess. I rarely enjoy any of Dime Mag’s articles :/

  • How many phenoms have fizzled out? Wall seems to be worthy of hype… but c’mon.
    As for Evans and Jennings…. I’d like to see more than a month of basketball before we go too nuts over them.

  • Adam

    A list of the top 10 PG for the next 10 years is a ridiculous thing to argue in the first place.

  • KY Celts fan

    In Wall’s defense, he KICKS FUCKING ASS!!! Kentucky boys know how to get it done!

  • KY Celts fan

    No way Evans should be ahead of Rondo. He’s a rookie on a junk team, has shown nothing yet. And Jennings is the same, but can score a lot more. Personally, I see him ending up like another AI. Sure he can score, but the ball has to be in his hands at all times to do it.

  • Bill

    It was written by a 16 year old, on there pass the mic feature. Cut the kid a break!

  • green

    what a f;in joke. “DIME” is written by idiots. bling bling pimpin.
    tyreke evans is a joke less than 4 assists a game. jennings to me hasnt proven himself, a half dozen games dont make you a top 5 guard.
    paul is better than williams and rose to me isnt better than rondo.
    leave it to a ghetto rag

  • tranz0

    How the hell does he rank 7 after they give this first line “Rondo is the purest point guard on this list”

  • jrose in va

    this is the most pointless and outrageous rankings i have ever seen…paul and williams are studs. Rose is legit but rondo played just as well as him in the playoffs last season, and speaking of not having a shot, DRose is by no means WET . Jennings will be a star for years so no complaint there. Where is Devin Harris on the list? He will run circles around tyreke and wall!

  • Filipe

    Also Evans is a shooting guard that Kings hopes can play point. All of his stronger play so far happened while the team had someone else to share the ball handling duties with him after Kevin Martin got hurt.

  • That’s just silly crazy. wait for it.. wait for it… Dime is making no cents. (sorry.. so weak, no coffee)

  • You got this from Dime magazine…..Dime magazine
    There are better basketball articles in Good Housekeeping.

  • How can you be the best pure point guard, but the 7th best overall

  • Rondo played just as well as Drose?
    Rondo outplayed him by a wide margain in every game but game 1

  • jrose in va

    in response to theruins….that wasnt a shot a rondo by any means im a damn c’s fan or I wouldnt be on here?? To be honest of all the guards on that list I see the most potential out of Brandon Jennings. Shoots the ball better than any guard on that list…45% from 3 is unheard of for a rook. And the only other rookies to ever average 20 points a game….Michael Jordan, Lebron James. Not a bad class to be in. I bet the wizards regret trading their pick to the twolves for foye and miller, as they could have gotten jennings easily with the 5th pick. Unreal he slid to 10.

  • Kanye Kasing Bakla ni Kobe

    dont take this seriously. 10 years ago, the overhyped media thought sebastian telfair was the next best PG. We all know what happened.