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Did Philly really want Iverson back?

Allen Iverson has agreed to terms with the 76ers on a one year, non-guaranteed deal.

The team did not disclose contract details. If Iverson received the
pro-rated veteran's minimum, the deal would be worth $1,029,794. He
could get the full veteran's minimum of $1,306,455 if the Sixers signed
him with the mid-level or $1.99 million contract exception.

"In light of the recent injury to Lou Williams which will sideline him for close to eight weeks, we felt that Allen
was the best available free agent guard to help us at this time," team
president Ed Stefanski said.

Iverson walks away from a guaranteed $3 million dollar deal with the 6-win Grizzlies to sign a non-guaranteed $1 million deal with the 5-win 76ers. All because he'd rather start for the next 8 weeks or until Lou Williams comes back?

There's speculation that Philly never really wanted Iverson back, and offered the non-guaranteed deal because they knew he'd refuse. Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojo tweeted this last night:

theory among NBA GM's tonight: 76ers made public a non-guaranteed offer
they think/hope AI will refuse. This way, they can say: "We tried"

They tried and won. Congrats.

More importantly, here's some pictures of those Bobcats dancers that distracted us during last night's game.


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