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C’s have their guns blazin’

From the Elias Sports Bureau

The Celtics made 36 of 66 field-goal attempts in an easy 108-90
victory in Charlotte, the third straight game in which Boston has made
at least half of its shots and the ninth time it has happened in 18
games this season. Here's something to shoot for: The last season in
which the Celtics shot at least 50 percent from the floor in at least
50 percent of their games was back in 1990-91.

Kendrick Perkins
connected on nine of 10 field-goal attempts against the Bobcats,
lifting his season shooting percentage to .643 and narrowly taking the
league lead in that category over Dwight Howard.

The Celtics are 3rd in the league in field goal percentage right now.  And their 8th in defensive field goal percentage.

Meanwhile… where the hell did Kendrick Perkins learn the between-the-legs-crossover move? 

So the Celtics seem to be able to score whenever they like… which is my way of leading into this parody video that was sent to us.  It's a take-off on T.I.'s "Whatever You Like"… and it's pretty good.

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  • Big man going between his legs off the low block? Unheard of. Very nice!

  • Lex

    KP has definitely added a few arrows to his quiver.

  • Alex

    Haha I liked that TI remake, well only the lyrics to it. lol Sorry but the guy rapping was driving me crazy on the chorus when he sings the “Whenever we like” because his voice cracks when he reached the high-pitched part.
    Other than that, it was sweet.

  • arrows to the quiver, huh? what a literate blog comment.
    So… Cats and the points, huh? tsk.. tsk… tsk..

  • Lex

    Boo. Bad prediction I made. Good thing i don’t gamble. Obviously, the green didn’t like my prediction either!!!

  • Lex

    BTW, are we all 100% sure the dribble was between the legs as opposed to in front of him? I’ve watched the video several times and can’t convince myself.

  • I’m pretty sure it was between the legs.